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  • Nice work
  • One of the best tools, I have used.
  • не работает в Firefox 54.0 (64-бит)
  • Reader is great if you have difficulty reading the small font size articles. It is also quite handy to "Copy & Paste" portions of the text for use elsewhere.

    Try it & you'll like it.
  • Awesome add-on. I have use it whenever I read lengthy blogs as it makes the text so much easier to read. Highly recommend it.
  • I love the Reader add on but for some reason it is not working anymore. It says Reader in the top left corner of the screen then eventually it will say "failed to load". I am not sure if it is the latest Firefox update or a NoScript update.
  • Very good add-on. I use it whenever I'm reading lengthy articles as it makes the text so much easier to read. Firefox is now even better. Highly recommend it.
  • Excellent reader, before saying that the autoscroll doesn't work, just tell yourself that you have to wait, because it's very slow

    Thank you very much for contacting us.

    Could you please provide us more information? Which operating system, Firefox version and add-on version do you use? If possible, please send us a screenshot of your issue.


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    Baris Derin
  • Very good addon. Firefox is now even better. :) Сan you make this app on very friendly to inexperienced users by giving explanations.
    nice and great add on.
  • Love the font and color choices. I also like that you can bold the font you choose. Too many webpage developers seem to have an aversion to contrast.... Took a minute to find the icon (the R in the orange box).
  • Questo add-on è uno dei più interessanti e utili. Molto semplice da utilizzare con un'interfaccia intuitiva e pratica. Durante la lettura di di articoli consente anche di copiare il documento o le parti più interessanti e rileggerlo attentamente in un secondo momento in modo semplice.
  • I have a html file with 100 pages. when open it with reader it not have page number like pdf readers.
    please add this feature.
  • What are you doing reading this? Just download it.

    Please contact us at below support email address so that we can look into it more thoroughly.

    Could you please provide Firefox version, add-on version and operating system details? If possible, please send us the screenshot of the issue.


    Baris Derin
  • This add-on is great, it lets you read the article on the web without any other component. and make reading the article on the web is light in performance..