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  • I haven't seen any customizations available (font, select and read, etc.).
    When I go to Reader view I usually get a title that has nothing to do with the page I want to view (title is right, what follows isn't right).
    Right clicking orange R doesn't result in anything other than a dropdown starting with "Pin to Overflow Menu" and "Remove from Toolbar".
    Is there a tutorial somewhere?
  • It claims "Also by right clicking on Reader status-bar icon you can get other Styling Options," but right-clicking on Reader icon does not provide any styling options!
  • Bagus
  • Complete fail. I was looking for a FF version of the excellent Chrome extension 'Just Read', but didn't find one. This was one of only two readers available for FF.


    • no keyboard shortcut
    • no images
    • nested pages––had to click on the inner page to be able to scroll
    • even clicking on the icon didn't restore view––had to reload page
    • basic simple text

    Chrome 'Just Read':

    • keyboard shortcut activates AND deactivates extension
    • images included
    • single page that scrolls without having to click on it
    • easy-to-read formatted text
  • The concept is great, make reading text on a page easier. The description says right clicking on selected text brings up options, however, i dont even see reader as an option, period. The only way i can use it is with the icon on the add-on bar, sometimes requiring multiple clicks. Nowhere am i able to change fonts/colors/etc.
  • Great addon, liked it
  • nice job
  • Needed
  • I use Windows 10 + firefox 56.0.
    However I can not find the reader status-bar icon, therefore I can not change the background color and font.
  • the best option i ever met! Firefox browser is buffer 1 forever! Thank you very much!