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  • Permite leer textos de páginas, con color de fuente y tamaño a elección. También se puede elegir un color de fondo que sea más relajado para la vista que el habitual fondo blanco. También funciona con los pdf abiertos en el navegador. Buena!
  • I really enjoy using reader. It does a great job of making so many web sites easier on the eyes and less noisy with all of their adds and sidebars removed. I don't mind that it is an extra mouse click when I want to use it because the adds need to be displayed for the content authors to get paid. But a better user experience is just one mouse click away. I really miss it when I don't have it available. I don't use a lot of add ons, but this is such a simple and polished solution that I am willing to keep it installed.

    One feature that would be nice though, I use news360 and the detailed articles tend to show up with a news360 navigation bar on the top and the content in what I assume is an iframe window beneath. I know iframes are a pain to work with but I don't know how Reader works. Is it possible for reader to detect such a circumstance and find the text in the iframe and render accordingly? Right now it seems to choke in that use case. Great product either way. I know new360 isn't the only news aggregator to use this sort of a presentation solution so this should be useful to a wider audience than just new360 users. News aggregators being so common now, I hope this can be supported.
  • Thank you for creating this addon.
    I am grateful to you for sharing this with all of us.

    Wish you lots of Success and Happiness.
    Keep it up.
  • Amazing. :-) I love its flexibility, allowing more adjustments than Readability.
  • This is a very good implementation.

    I'd been looking for a local Readability implementation for a while. No-one seemed to care that a server-side script wasn't future-proof or trustworthy. This (which I think is entirely local) seems to do the job.

    I would suggest moving the styling options into the Add-ons Options page, rather than having a dropdown on the button. A user is only likely to change the style once and doing this would save space on the toolbar.
  • Long searched such addon. And lo and behold! Thank you!
  • What a handy eye-saver!
    I'm retired and it wasn't much but I've sent a donation
  • amazing and good shaped
  • Thank you for this, but must the icon (button) be so ugly?
  • Functionality is much better after the upgrade to v. 33.0. Many thanks!
  • By adding a simple 'R' icon to the toolbar, it makes one main page that I read often clean and uncluttered. Great options for % width, font choice and size, what else is there to ask?

    Five stars, great add-on!
  • Thanks!
  • I tried this add-on out a few years ago and didn't like it. I found it lacked certain features.
    However, I recently re-installed "Reader," and it is awesome. Switching from Clearly back to this little gem.
  • Excellent Add-on. The internet has become way too cluttered with ads and other things designed to distract and redirect you. For those of you looking to improve your focus and concentration, install this add-on.
  • This is the best fitting add-on if you're an avid reader like me. The only thing I cannot take a fancy to is the icon. I think it does not seem pretty on the toolbar. Thanks!
  • great add-on!
  • Is a nearly perfect add-on it's auto-scrolling is set at a much to slow speed but the amount of freedom with which you can modify specific pages makes this add-on worth all 5 stars.

    I recommend this add-on to anyone who reads for hours on a computer as it will help a lot.
  • Thanks!! This has made my daily reading routine better!
  • Many formatting options. Reader works offline, unlike the "Readability" addon!
  • nice work, ;))
  • Good
  • Apenas acho que poderia ter uma opção de salvar o último ponto da leitura e compartilhamento e também salvar no delicious.

    No mais é uma ótima ferramenta.
  • This app is a huge blessing for me because it helps my eyes. I cannot read on a white background due to extreme light sensitivity. This is wonderful! Plus, it makes pages easier to sort through.
  • This is a great add-on-- well designed and easy to tailor to one's own taste.

    Thank You!
  • On firefox is very useful, it would be great to have him with seamonkey?