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  • This is perfect and amazing and full of useful features, like moving all the tabs into one firefox tab or window, even pinning it, and grouping the tabs in that window, naming them, locking them so that when you open the link you won't lose the tab in OneTab, EVEN being able to share all your tab links or a subgroup of your tabs to your frined via a generated link! just by installing OneTab and managing your tabs you can have a new firefox! It feels great to use it, DONT MISS IT.
  • 6 out of 5 stars for this addon! For all those pages I don't want to bookmark but still want to come back to OneTab is just perfect.

    Had to learn how to get my tabs back just today after a clean Windows 10 install. A little tricky but found the instructions and was able to restore them. Then I saw the export/import feature on OneTab itself. Had to look up how to use it, practiced a bit and found that it works a treat and I'll be making regular backups.

    Excellent, Excellent addon! Many thanks to the Devs!
  • missing date at frequently
  • EDITED: All my tabs are still there, the addon is perfectly working for me. But it seems it's not the case for most of the users here. I don't know why it's working for me, and not for other users. I suggest you to use another addon, that seems better now: better-onetab instead. Because Onetabe hasn't been updated since 2017, it really seems it's not maintained anymore!

    My previous review: It doesn't lose your tab, and if you want to be sure it'll never lose any tabs, the extension lets you save them to the disk in a html format, very handy.
    This is the extension I use to keep my sessions, close in one click the tabs when I have many many, and save them. One of the best memory saver.
  • I lost all my tabs when restoring them from the page.
  • Only after a while I realized how helpful this add-on is! I am using it now all the time.
  • OneTab lost all my tab data many times. I thought that maybe automatic upgrades/updates on Firefox may have been the culprit, but having just reinstalled it for the first time in a while, it immediate lost many windows of data for me, IMMEDIATELY after clicking on bring all windows into One Tab. Thanks, One Tab.
  • Дополнение рухнуло. Все сохранённые вкладки пропали.
  • WOW
  • The functionality is good; however, the irritation factor is over-the-top. When I start my browser, OneTab presents itself every time regardless of what I choose as my home tab. Yes I know OneTab is there; I don't want it in my face when I don't need it. The functionality is not worth the aggravation.
  • OneTab lost a whole group of tabs, not for the first time. This extension is no longer maintained - use at your own risk.
  • Excellent add-on that does exactly as it claims. Secure way to 'park' your browsing session before restarting your computer or making a collection of frequently accessed sites for easy browsing. Nice work guys, thanks for your efforts!
  • Es muy útil y todo, pero deberían cambiar la interfaz y más que nada hacer los enlaces al compartir duren más, por lo menos 1 semana.
  • Works great, I love this add-on.
    My only suggestion would be to add a right click context menu option for OneTab once a specific tab is clicked, so that I don't need to have the icon constantly in my toolbar.
    I feel like this used to be an option, but I don't see it anymore so maybe I was mistaken.
  • OneTab has been working nice for me for years, but a couple of months ago it just stopped working. I can send tabs to onetab but the directory won't show, so I don't have access to ANY of the tabs I have been saving for YEARS.
  • I lost all my tabs once a while ago due to extension crash in Chrome. But I love this cool add-on and since moving from chrome to FF I'm glad that I can have it on FF, too !
  • Currently broken, FireFox updates DELETE the saved data. Same issue on Chrome, addon seems abandoned.
  • This is seriously a life saver when it comes to organisation. As a student, I work on different many different projects and assignments. I can keep each assignment in a different window, then send the entire window of tabs to OneTab when I am working on a separate assignment. Without OneTab, I would have windows cluttering my dock which would distracting me and suck up computer power.

    I also really like that you can name and share tab groups. Sharing tab groups comes in very handy when I am using more than one computer to work on an assignment.
  • It's just great! Very easy to use and really efficient.
  • The entire add-on disappeared, along with over 600 saved tabs. No warning, and when I try to reinstall or find my lost tabs, there is no help. I've submitted a help email 3 times and have gotten no response. Firefox or OneTab - doesn't matter who is at fault - it doesn't work!
  • Sorry to burst your bubble Perce-Neige, but OneTab most definitely does lose the tabs. I've been using it for a couple of years, and have gone though multiple crashes with no problems -- until today. Firefox crashed, and when I started it back up OneTab was empty. This is unacceptable! OneTab should make a backup when Firefox closes (not crashes, but closes), and it should NEVER overwrite a file, even if corrupt. Two stars, and looking for a replacement.
  • Used this for a long time, then it lost all my bookmarks. Don't use.
  • It works as advertised until the browser updates and then you lose all the tabs/links.
  • Really great extension will be perfect if it gets nocturne or dark mode
  • I'll admit it, I am VERY guilty of saving multiple tabs for 'later': Google Calendar, Outlook, YouTube, that website with an interesting article, something I found on Amazon . . . . Before you know it, I've multiple open tabs. I've only been using OneTab for about an hour now and am already finding that it's the answer to my 'Tab Mania'. All my tabs are there, ready and waiting and I've even set up a starred, saved tag I've labeled 'Usual' which is stuff I want all the time. So far, looking good!