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655 reviews for this add-on
  • It is really convenient and is one of the best apps I have used.Being able to open as a web page link you can easily share with others

  • Li análise anterior, de 2015, e o problema se repete: o OneTab perde todos os dados de links que armazenamos nele. Do nada, um belo dia, os mais de 600 links somem. Mas nem tudo está perdido, se você exportar seus links regularmente, para um arquivo de texto com nome mais ou menos assim: OneTab 20180711. Se você não usa janelas privativas, pode recompor seus links acessados usando o histórico. Mas se quiser usar o OneTab para armazenar seus links de abas privativas, precisará exportar os dados do OneTab antes de sair do Firefox. Então, em caso de perda de dados da extensão, basta fazer o processo inverso, importar do arquivo que você gravou. É sempre conveniente lembrar que o OneTab é agil, mas não foi projetado especificamente para guardar toda uma base de histórico de links.

  • Love it.

  • This creates so much spacetime

  • Great add-on. I didn't realized how much I needed it until I tried it!

  • no puedo vivir sin esto... me sirve para dejar cosas para más tarde

  • great addon but would it be possible to make it work on android?

  • Simply the best! Convenient. Reliable. Smart, and intuitive UI. Easy to use. Mad respect!

  • Essential, perfectly effective, reliable, and ideally well designed!

    Merci et bravo ! >:D

  • This WAS absolutely great when it did what it was made for. Unfortunately, my onetab page has turned up empty and that means it isn't fit for its explicitly intended purpose.
    Good idea, good attempt, but it's not worth trusting this add-on for anything more than casual usage.

  • This is one of the best add-ons for me as it saves me from having endless tabs lined up or copying each link into a draft e-mail that I never go back and look at. Now with being able to group, star and lock groups and links, as well as selectively save tabs, it takes a load off my mind and makes it easier for me to pick up a day or two later.

  • Works great.

  • Worst Add-on on Firefox (not necessarily applied to other browsers; maybe works well with others); it does not work at all; it won't budge a bit by reloading the expected one-page with all the tabs stacked.

  • I've long been a "multiple tabs open" person and this just makes life soooo much easier, not to mention dramatically reducing memory usage.
    However, I too wish there was a FF Mobile version in the near future. I'd pay for that app!
    Thank you!

  • love this. I often work on multiple projects at once and I use this to keep the sources I need organized and easily accessible.

  • So easy to use. Just what I was looking for.

  • 很好!我想要的都有了

  • It works when it wants to. But randomly, even between sessions or reboots, it forgets the 400-odd tabs that had been imported or saved into it. It has done this multiple times on both Chrome AND Firefox, and I will be taking my volatile data elsewhere.
    Good day.

  • Отлично.
    1. Сделайте сворачивание групп.
    2. Вы написали , что сделали изменение хранилища в мае 2018 года. Почем не написали об этом на странице расширения :) ? Мы боимся, что OneTab умер :(

  • I've been looking for an add-on exactly like this for ages. I don't review many things, but after using OneTab for a while I just had to. As a programmer and gamer OneTab allows me to easily manage my browser information while using virtually no resources.

    My only complaint comes from the user interface. It's a bit annoying if I want to store a few tabs as I have to navigate through some drop-down menus. I also use the left click option much less than I use the other options. If there was some kind of setting to replace the left click option with the drop-down menu I would love it.

    Amazing add-on though.

  • please add the sync function and make it compatitble with firefox mobile version.

  • Terrific, it just solved my problem with tabs

  • Great addon! Is there a plan to make it work in Firefox Mobile? Currently it can be installed but not working.

  • A great add-on; vey useful if, like me, you have a lot of tabs open in Firefox.

  • Love the add-on. Ability to sync your settings with your firefox user would give it that 5th star.