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  • I've had this extension for Chrome and Firefox. All my links have disappeared.

    But doesn't matter what we write on the reviews.. They don't give a shit. They have never answered. Definitely removing OneTab. Has been an issue for a while and they still not doing anything about it.

    Will be so easy to make a way to backup them automatically... but they don't care about people loosing all their work.

    The only way I found to kind of keep a backup is saving every end of session as "share all as web page" even if you delete the links from the extension that saved bookmark will keep them. But you have to do it manually.

    However, I'm just removing the extension. The devs don't give a shit about the users.
  • It works great for me. I tend to wind up having several tabs open because if Im on a site and there is a link, I'll open it in another Tab so I don't lose my place on the original site. When I notice any lag at all, I just send them all to OneTab and then select the tab I'm on at that time, then work my way back to the original page. It works quickly and I notice an immediate increase in speed and decrease in latency.
  • OneTab destroyed all my saved links in the past (about 2k links for 2 years) without any notice. When I look for old links, it's emptied. I've looked for store.js (json) as their information form OneTab websites, it's gone, the store.js file in browser-extension-data was disappeared too.
    Avoid use this extension to prevent your pain.
    CAUTION: They didn't update this extension for 1 year.
  • Let me choose the behavior of the toolbar button. I want you to send only the active tab only to one click. Thank you.
  • sometime, a tab is so precious, that i cant close it.
  • 400% CPU peaks, database corruption and Tabs loss. app Javascript Freeze the browser. No updates or maintainance in a whole year. Zombie addon, in search of a replacement.
  • Must have addon in Firefox!
  • Buenisima . Falta la posibilidad de almacenar las paginas.
  • Amazing add-on. I use it to store tabs temporarily for later use in addition with Session Manager (which I use for long-term storage). I used have a lot of tabs open and am not willing to close any of them, so this has helped me out a lot since I no longer have to wait forever for Firefox to load a web page because I have 300+ tabs open. Definitely a must have add-on for any tab hoarder.
  • Just works. There is a difference between "I don't want to save this, but I will get back to this later" versus "I have read this and bookmarked this for reference". While bookmarks solve the latter issue, one tab fills in the gap for the former. This is very useful to me and saves me from the bookmarks route where I am very particular about organizing my information for quick access. Also, it has a quick-glance friendly visual page view of everything, instead of a sometimes cumbersome folder within folder complexity of bookmarks.
  • this is so great and so simple.. it is a must have for every browser.. i wonder why other browsers dont have it :s
  • 10/10. lets me stash all my porn for even faster opening.
  • This is so simple to use, and so effective. Bring order to chaos. The first extension I ever install with a new browser! <3
  • Very good, it helps a lot with tab managing. The one thing I miss is a dark theme.
  • A very good tool in memory-scarce computers. We developers all know that we can't keep only 3 or 4 tabs open. So keeping track of them without them being in the memory is a very nice trait.
    Thank you :)
  • This tab makes managing tabs really easy!
  • I lost all tabs... again
  • This is the best extension I have ever used for temporarily or permanently creating and storing bookmarks. Very easy to use, much more so than Firefox's built in bookmark system. You can name a tag group, give it a star so that the group always shows at the top of the list, and lock a group so that the links within the group will not be deleted unless you delete them. I love it.
  • 1. It is easier to use than bookmarks
    2. By using the import function users can create new groups
    What I would like to see changed is to add the ability to export all URLs to a document file retaining the group names
  • una mierda
  • It's hard to explain how much of a quality of life difference it makes just being able to create dated groups of links for my tab sets rather than leaving them open as tabs that I will hypothetically get to at some point in the future. If you're not a So Many Tabs person you wouldn't understand. If you are, try this. Don't forget: you can export your data to carry it between instances of the add-on!
  • At pressing "Restore all" bad things happen:
    - Locked tabs are lost;
    - Some not-locked tabs are lost, too;
    - Some tabs are re-open in new windows rather than new tabs;
    Firefox 62 (64-bit)
  • Very handy tool, save memory & prevent me to bookmark pages for later
  • Easy way to quickly bookmark and close large numbers of open tabs. Many useful options, including the ability to share saved links as a web page. Highly recommended.
  • Do yourself a favour and never install this extension.