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  • 27 JUL 2019 good one!This add- on does what it says and is so easy to use. Since Tab Plus is no longer available, OneTab totally fills in some of the "void!"
    Thank you. Excellent!
    5-stars are yours!
    Jesus loves you...a.
  • This application is so simple, but I can't live without it. It is so useful. Thank you to the developpers.
  • I *highly* recommend this add-on. However, since a recent Firefox update it has crashing my browser when I click the OneTab button.

    This is with Firefox 68.0.1 on Linux.
  • This is a fantastic Add-0n, very grateful for the developers who keep adding to this wonderful too.
  • great
  • Cannot live online without it! Pure gold!
  • This used to work well, but the last few months I have kept opening Firefox to discover I don't have any tabs or even "One Tab" I am totally fed up with it!! Rubbish
  • I lost all my tab, and the file storage.js was modified 4 months ago.