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  • It trashed ALL tabs. Simple as that.
    There is NO integrated backup/restore.
    By chance, i only stored not so important tabs in it.

    More than that : once it is crashed, it stays like this.
    And when you add ANOTHER tab ... it simply disappear, because it is closed AND not stored.
  • It is far better than browsers native bookmark features. However there is quite a bit of resource usage during normal browsing (not when sending tabs to onetab or loading onetab tabs) according to firefox's task manager. It clearly isn't just jotting down URL's when you press the button which is both a privacy and performance concern.
    Also if you restore tabs from onetab too fast (and have it set up so tabs are deleted once restored) you lose tabs.
  • at start, i loose a lot of tab, would have rate 1 star.
    when you clic on the onetab icon, it store all tab that have been loaded. if you have tab still loading, you loose them.

    then why 4 stars ? 2 reasons :

    - In settings, you can choose to keep tabs stored when you call them back ! with this, I never have loose tab anymore

    - PLEASE please concider an option to store ONLY the current tab when clic on the icon !!!

    right now you have to right clic, go in submenu then select send only this tab... realy not conveignent :(((((((((
  • Hola. Me ha mejorado la gestión de las páginas abiertas enormemente.Súper útil.Gracias!!
  • Don't install this add-on unless you want all your existing tabs wiped out with no way to restore them. I had over 100 tabs I was looking to back up or make a list of, and I lost all of them.
  • keeps popping up in my browser without my input resulting is slowdown of my browsing. works ok except user should have the option of opening it up, should not be automatic like it is now.
  • Works well on desktop. Does not work on mobile -- it closes tabs without saving them.
  • I have a more positive review in the works bc this tab is literally saving my life and making my life way better rn, but ALSO, PLEASE add an option to add a confirmation dialogue BEFORE closing all the tabs. I often press it by accident bc it's next to my other extensions' icons even though I was writing something in the open tabs.

    Or, you know, level up amazingly and somehow save what people write in text boxes and restore them when you onetab it.
  • On firefox for android, only saves tabs that are in memory, but clears all tabs. So say you have 100 tabs and only looked at 3 recently. Using OneTab will save those 3, and close the other 97 with no way of getting them back.
    Note to developer: only close the tabs you successfully saved. That will fix this problem.
  • Destroys tab groups/hidden tab status and uninstalling will NOT restore your tabs to their rightful place. Make sure you have a backup of your profile before using this.
  • Total failure! I've had several hundreds tabs opened, so I've installed One Tab for Android Firefox to move them to the OneTab list. Result? 2 (two!) tabs saved, the rest is gone, without any option to restore. Thanks a lot, OneTab 😕
  • Why haven't I used this before? This tool is fantastic! I just wish I could make the background a bit darker.