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  • I have a more positive review in the works bc this tab is literally saving my life and making my life way better rn, but ALSO, PLEASE add an option to add a confirmation dialogue BEFORE closing all the tabs. I often press it by accident bc it's next to my other extensions' icons even though I was writing something in the open tabs.

    Or, you know, level up amazingly and somehow save what people write in text boxes and restore them when you onetab it.
  • On firefox for android, only saves tabs that are in memory, but clears all tabs. So say you have 100 tabs and only looked at 3 recently. Using OneTab will save those 3, and close the other 97 with no way of getting them back.
    Note to developer: only close the tabs you successfully saved. That will fix this problem.
  • Destroys tab groups/hidden tab status and uninstalling will NOT restore your tabs to their rightful place. Make sure you have a backup of your profile before using this.
  • Total failure! I've had several hundreds tabs opened, so I've installed One Tab for Android Firefox to move them to the OneTab list. Result? 2 (two!) tabs saved, the rest is gone, without any option to restore. Thanks a lot, OneTab 😕
  • Why haven't I used this before? This tool is fantastic! I just wish I could make the background a bit darker.
  • Love This one
  • I also have OCD like a previous reviewer, and OneTab is just fantastic. It helps a LOT and you dont have to have OCD to use this, its great for anyone. Big thank you to the creator and of course 5 stars!