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  • This is one of the most needed and useful addons I use. However, there is no data safety when installing a OneTab update!

    This is true:
    "Data safety
    Don't worry about closing OneTab - you will not lose your stored tabs. Even if you close all tabs and exit your web browser and restart your computer, the tabs you have stored in OneTab will not be lost."

    However the contents of OneTab totally disappears each time it is updated. Surely there is a way to fix that problem.

    All I can suggest is that instead of autoupdates, do manual, and IF there is a OneTab update, then first export the content, so it can be imported after the update. Do not forget to do so if you do not want your content to disappear.
  • what can I say but, 'Blooming Brilliant' and thanks loads!
  • 在仅仅打开了一个空白页的情况下,点击OneTab会导致浏览器关闭,感觉有点不舒服,不知能不能改进一下?
  • Very good addon but since the last update, i cant use onetab in private browsing, If you could solve this it would be wonderful
  • Very useful~
  • Produtividade e backup são as palavras chaves dessa extensão! Foi de uma importância grande para os meus dias de netsurfing
  • Version 1.27, click the onetab button on toolbar may randomly close the window, it never happened before.
  • It got reset to zero tabs stored when it had more than a thousand of them and I don't know what to do with that fact. And i feel dumb for removing OneTab before upgrading it. Add cloud storage as in uBlock to prevent it from happening, please. With a custom password only it will be perfect.
  • It is not working in private mode anymore. Please fix it.
  • Это тридцатикратно ебучее говно уничтожило после обновления больше двадцати тысяч моих вкладок.
    UPD. Комментарий (на английском) о том, что можно откатить назад я, естественно, не увидел.