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  • Туфта
  • super addon fait bien ce qui lui est demandé
  • Just in the making of development given a 3star for trial.
  • Ich hatte vorher TabMixPlus und war sehr zufrieden damit. New Tab ist für meine Bedürfnisse gleichwertig, da TabMixPlus nach dem neuen Update von Firefox nicht mehr funktioniert. Genau da liegt auch das Problem: Ich hatte mir eine eigene Startseite gebastelt die dann bei einem neuen Tab angezeigt wird. Das lässt der neue Firefox aber nicht mehr zu. Ich kann im Add-on zwar eine lokale Seite wählen, diese wird aber nicht richtig angezeigt, da Bilder und co. von lokalen Quellen grundsätzlich geblockt werden. Sicherheit hin oder her, es sollte zumindest dem Nutzer selbst überlassen werden, ob er das will oder nicht. Mein Fazit zum "Größten Update aller Zeiten": performe Verbesserung, optische Verschlechterung, eingeschränkte Benutzerfreiheit
  • I have always used a local web page of my own making to use as a home page. The new web extensions version did not on first glance appear to support the ability to use anything other than http:// or https://. On closer examination it turns out I can use my local web page - just read the instructions carefully. Just select "Local File" and "Load Local File" and you've solved the problem. I think if I were the author I'd make this instruction a little more plain.

    I've used this extension for years with nothing but good things to say about it.
  • Version 11.0.0 doesn't show my local homepage when I open a new tab.
  • Works perfectly. Opening a new tab now opens my normal home page.
  • Can you add a setting to make the address bar URL to open in a new tab ?
  • It just works. The one little thing I'd like to see is the tab title being the actual page title (as in its HTML), rather than just "New Tab". Give me that and I'll give it the 5th star!
  • Works well for me. Thank you.
  • It's simple and it works!
  • parfait ;-)
  • Option "local file" doesn't work, "current home page" doesn't work when home page is local file.
  • Outstanding. I can make google my new tab page again!
  • The new tab page still flashes bright white when opened. 3 stars because this is Mozilla's fault.
  • I'm puzzled about how to use it. What I'd like it to do is to open a new tab in the current parent browser whenever I click a link shown in any tab. Please help.

    Thanks, Richard Phillips
  • Thank you! Works perfectly!
  • Love ie
  • It's nice to have something that works so well for the new Firefox! FYI if you need to select the search bar to do a search you can just hit Alt+D.
    Thank you! :)
  • Worked instantly, hooray!! After messing around with advice from forums I discovered this add-on. It is well worth a donation. I recommend it. Thank you.
    Thank you! :)
  • A very useful addon for anyone, if like me, you find having the default page on a new tab being dictated by the browser developers inconvenient and would rather choose your own.

    Whether it be a favorite search engine (even region specific, e.g. https://www.google.co.uk) a file on your local computer or pretty much anything else, this addon makes it extremely easy and very fast to accomplish.

    Highly recommended based on my experience and unhappiness with the basic browser functionality.
    Thank you! :)
  • Nice!
    Now does anyone have a HTML5 Template or similar that looks and works as Superstart did so i can host it myself?
  • Sehr gute Funktion und das Add-On sollte eigentlich in Firefox, ab 57?, implementiert sein.
    Es bringt mir die alte funktionalität zurück.
    Danke an den Entwickler
  • I have downloaded this and can't get it to work. I can saved it but it will not run. Please advise. Thank you
  • Not available for under version 57