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  • Your New Tab webExtension has now been override by a better Extension:
    The new better tab extension are now fully supporting Access to local files via local URL. The new working new tab extension you can find here:
    https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/new-tab-homepage/ .
    If have just found and testet it on Firefox 58.0.2 and it is perfectly working fine
  • Shift command T did not work (Ctrl Shift T) because the new tab override would prevent previously closed webpages to open.
  • Wirklich makellos und konfortabel, ich bin sehr zufrieden :)
  • The new tab extension works exactly how I like. Except I would love it if there was an option that stops the last tab from closing unless you click the close button.

    * Edit
    Right now ctrl W will close the current tab, if you have lots of tabs open and you hit ctrl w several times it will close them all and eventually close the browser window. It would be nice to check a box to turn this option on or off.

    To prevent this from happening right now you have to go into the Firefox preferences: about:config and set the browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab pref to false.

    BTW, being able to focus on window and usability are the main reasons this add-on is superior to all the other "new tab" type add-ons out there right now. Great Job!

    Developer response

    Thank you for your review.

    > Except I would love it if there was an option that stops the last tab from closing unless you click the close button.

    I don't know what this means. Could you please explain?
  • totally hacked off that firefox do not allow local pages to be accessed as a home page
    further this plugin then has probs with local pages

    what on eart are firefox playing at??? haven't they heard of an INTRANET??? bizarre

    thank you to the developer for your attempts to help us out on this
  • Local page won't autofocus making this extension absolutely pointless
  • Great tab. Very helpful when using Gesturefy.
  • Works as advertised. Great plugin to deal with the annoying "feature" introduced in the new firefox version.
  • Thanks you /so/ much for producing this extension to unsuck another disgusting example of Mozilla's user-hating attitude.

    A suggestion: There must be some bug report in Bugzilla to rectify this instance of user abuse by Mozilla. You could mention it on your extension page so that people who come there can follow the link to vote for that bug report.
  • There's currently a conflict between New Tab Override and Open Tabs Next to Current that causes tabs to open two to the right of current only when New Tab Override is enabled. Not sure which extension is to blame, but New Tab Override is working well otherwise.
  • Awesome !
  • ça ne change pas la couleur de tous les onglets mais seulement celle du nouvel onglet,nul!
    Seule l'extension tab mix plus le permettait mais elle n'est plus compatible avec firefox quantum je suis dégouté!
  • Useful Add-on. Only sad that it is neccessary at all.
  • One of the best extensions for taking back control of your browser.
  • kind of works, but doesnt allow my local webpage to load
  • 终于可以自定义 新标签页了
  • It's working perfectly, thank you.
  • When I select "current home page" and then open a new tab, I get an empty page instead of the current home page. If I select "local file" and then open a new tab I see a garbled version of the local file. Unfortunately, this add-on is useless for me. (It's a shame that an add-on is needed in the first place.)
  • Before installing this add-on I was a bit concerned by quite a few of the reviews saying it didn't work or was complicated to use.

    Well, it worked perfectly for me, and was not in any way complicated. If you simply wish to set your newtab to open on a fixed webpage, go to the add-on options and type the desired URL into the text box. Done. It's that simple.

    It's a bad reflection on Mozilla that this add-on is needed, but a huge thanks must go to the developer for creating it.

    Mozilla really should have known better than to force a change so radical upon their userbase that it requires an add-on to return things to normality.
  • setzt dem Entwickler Wahnsinn der Firefox Guys -Giott sei Dank- den Riegel vor!!!
  • It works fine!
  • Danke dafür !!!
  • Habe mich sehr geärgert, dass Mozilla mich da so bevormundet. Dieses kleine Addon vertsöhnt mich wieder. Es bügelt aus, was Mozilla verbockt hat. Danke dafür.
  • ich finde diese Erweiterung mit der persönlichen Statseite als Suche im neuen Tab wunderbar
    Vielen Dank....
  • Sehr nützliches kleines Add-on