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  • It operates as it should and I am pleased with the simplicity of the user interface. I just wish Mozilla would implement this in Firefox. It should already be an implemented feature.
  • A minimalistic and functional alternative to other extensions that should be included with FireFox by default (its your fault you go to SpyWare loaded sites and still use Windows)

    - No annoying pop up page with Sync
    - Does what it is supposed to do
    - Enables focus being on page not on the search bar meaning my custom start page can be used to search (as designed)
    - No annoying, kvetching or clickbait on new tab opening

    - None to my use case
  • Наконец-то смог разобраться с local file. И так, все внешние картинки можно кодировать в base64 и вставлять в сам html. Задний фон нужно вставлять в css который так же должен быть внутри html между style, иначе почему-то не хочет. К сожалению, я не смог запустить скрипт js, но ничего, обошёлся и без него.
    Спасибо за прекрасное дополнение! Ещё хотел бы сделать предложение по улучшению для разработчика расширения. Можно сделать редирект с новой вкладки на file:///, с последующим закрытием прошлой новой вкладки.
  • Good
  • Booyah! Oh yeah baby. 😁👍
  • Yay, this is awesome. Why would one want their new tab setting to be anything other than their original homepage! Thanks!!
  • The extension used to work great!!! Loved it. But until I can resolve the following problem, I disabled it. Recently, when opening a new tab, there is a pop-up window in the upper right of the page that says something about New Tab Override changing a page, and there appears to be 2 buttons to push below the warning. Problem is, it pops up then disappears before I can read the whole thing, or have a change to push either of the buttons. VERY ANNOYING. Always happens with the first new tab, and occasionally happens when an additional tab is opened. Windows 10. Not sure if this is a New Tab Override problem, or a Firefox problem. Keep getting passed to someone else.
  • Danke für diese sinnvolle Erweiterung.
  • wanna see a DONATE button on EACH tab forever? No !!
  • 感谢作者,非常好用。双击关闭标签页怎么设置?
  • UPDATE! FF renewed the relationship- LOVE!!! I loved this one, but FF doesn't allow it any longer- It would be nice it Firefox would allow it