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  • Still awesome.Thank you!!!
  • Muito boa, ajudou e muito com o fato de uma extensão não ter passado para WebExtension.
    O único problema é que necessitei criar aquele servidor web local, poderia aceitar arquivo local HTML.
    Mas isso é problema do Firefox, devemos pedir para eles desenvolverem melhor essa webextension.

    Deveria não bloquear o usuário de ter, mas avisar dos riscos e permitir o usuário escolher

    Ao menos quando as WebExtension são limitadas ainda.
  • Cumple con su función, aunque una de las opciones, la de no fijar el foco en la página, sino en la barra de direcciones, actualmente no funciona.
  • Thank you Soren for updating your much-beloved extension to the new FF - I still hate FF for all the many extensions that I lost and that have never come back. Damn you Mozilla.

    You are appreciated! Thank you for taking the time to update all the code and still be here.
  • good rlly
  • I don't think at all it is a miracle or like it was before maybe, i just cannot for the life of me get over this strange event. Now, .... Now, I have seen everything...... Heh!
  • Thank you very much!
  • i can keep so many tabs so well organized with this
  • Я все люблю.
  • So good
  • WOW SUPER,THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It would be useful to see in the settings of this addon what exactly the local file is currently used
  • Thank you, Soren! I just posted on my fb feed, thanking you!!
    Firefox: you can be so annoying. Why did you disable my chosen homepage each time I create a new tab so that I only see your generic Firefox default homepage? Thank you, Soren, for creating a workaround with New Tab Override that brings back the ability to change the page which is shown when opening a new tab. OMG!
  • porque es muy bueno creativo y facicil de utilisarlo
  • todo biem