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  • It does not work for a new window (I want a blank page instead thumbnails)
    It works for new TABS, the name of the add-on is NEW TAB override…
  • Very Good! Dunno if it helps for select the full URL of a new tab I do it:
    - must be configured to put cursor on beginning of URL bar
    - click on + (open new tab) and automatically focus on this new tab
    - click on another tab (any one opened)
    - click back on new tab (that was opened) and URL is full selected
  • Sorry for the earlier mess-up, I wasn't familiar with how this review system works. I assumed that if a developer responded to a review, you could then respond to that response, but it appears not!
    I just want to confirm that New Tab Override, if it's configured to open "about:blank" as a new tab, should produce the same result when clicking the "+" button on the tab bar as entering "about:blank" in the address bar and pressing "enter" does.
    At the moment it doesn't seem to produce the same result. Is this by design? Thanks, Dave.

    EDIT: Thanks Sören, that certainly explains the change of behaviour. It's unfortunate that my extension to automatically close empty pages does not now treat the empty pages generated by New Tab Override as it did before, but that's obviously not your fault! I've tried the about:config change, but unfortunately that seems to result in a new tab being the home page, not an empty blank tab, so it's not ideal either, but again not your problem! Many thanks again, cheers, Dave.
    There was a change in Firefox 60 with the result that about:blank is no longer usable as new tab page for WebExtensions. I don't know if this was a intended change or a side effect of another change, a bug. But the only thing I was able to do was to implement a workaround so that a empty new tab still works - even if there are differences to about:blank in the tab / address bar.

    But if you really want an empty new tab you can change browser.newtabpage.enabled in about:config to false and you don't need an add-on at all.
  • Very nice. I ended up removing it because it will often add the default "new tab" page to the URL after I start typing, which I found frustrating. If it could somehow stop trying to load the default URL when the user is typing a new one it would be nice.
  • Clashes with extensions such as "Open Tabs Next to Current", making a new tab appear two tabs to the right instead of just to the right. Also lots of flashing of the tab bar when opening a new tab.

    If the conflict with "Open Tabs Next to Current" could be solved, it would be great.
    There is nothing I can do, you can't use two tabs changing the tab behaviour at the same time…
  • Still Now ,It's do nice work!
    Thank you! :)
  • Warning: if you post a negative review, the developer may call you a "stupid troll" and have your review deleted. What a shameful abuse of power.

    Users deserve to know that other new tab add-ons exist, some of which may offer better UX and memory efficiency. Since this one is currently the most popular, it has the greatest responsibility to keep its reviews impartial. A review system is meaningless if only positive reviews are permitted.

    I did not employ hate speech in my review, nor did I resort to personal attacks, nor violate any other terms of the Review Guidelines. So much for Mozilla supporting free speech...
  • Sorry folks but this isn't good at all, bloated with features nobody wants and look at all the permisions it needs!!

    Set up and manage my own web server just for a new tab page? Really? Those 130,000 people must be to lazy to find a good addon, or they have it disabled (instructions actually say just disable it don't uninstall)

    Trust me folks, this needs ALOT of work!!
  • Extension is discribed exactly as what I was looking for. Instructions seem clear, although when the process advanced to html, prepending, html file storage, while at the same time providing less detail, it had moved to areas that I have no experience with. Interesting read none the less
  • excellent! 12 on a scale of 1 - 10. i don't understand why firefox doesn't allow this by default. thanks, very much, for developing and posting this add-on.

    note: i *thought* i posted this review in march, but now i don't see it, am reposting
  • The Addon does the job, but the workflow with the address bar is far from perfect.
    When you use "custom url" the addon makes the address bar unusable for the time it takes the browser to completely load the page defined in "custom url".

    Let's say my "custom url" is "A".
    I open the new tab and start typing the address "B" in the address bar (different from custom url).

    1) If the page "A" loads before I finish typing url "B" all my typing was useless, because the addon overwrites my typed url "B" with "A". Or concatenates B+A (more often). I have to start over.

    2) If I finish typing url "B" quicker then the addon loads the page "A" (custom url) and press Enter, in most cases the browser ignores my actions. And again, the addon overwrites my typed url "B" with "A". Or concatenates B+A (more often). And again I have to start over.

    The only way to cope with this task is to hit ESC key right after Ctrl+T combination, to prevent Firefox from loading the page in the new tab.

    As some people said before, it would be better, if the addon would leave the clean address bar and wouldn't mess with user typing. Manual URL entering should have priority over "custom url" loading.
    If I want the defined "custom url" to load I would wait for the tab to load. But if I type the URL myself, don't reset the address bar, don't overwrite my entered text.

    It's just getting on my nerves. But unfortunately my favorite bookmark-site doesn't have the Firefox addon, so I have to use some middleman-addon like New Tab Override. And the process reminds me of the windows 98 setup, where if to paraphrase they would say "sit back and relax while Firefox+NewTabOverride load the page. Then and only then you will be able to use the address bar to go to some other page"


    if you have your CPU heavy loaded with some background task you can see the whole workflow:
    Let's say I want to use some "search shortcut" ( "y" for YouTube)
    1) I open new tab,
    2) quickly type "y trailers" and hit ENTER (to go to YouTube and look for movie trailers)
    3) Firefox starts to load YouTube search page
    4) "New Tab Override" stops the process and loads the "custom url" instead
  • C x
  • It's pretty great. Works like it should and it was just the extension I was looking for. Thanks.
  • Я всегда хотел сменить страницу при создании новой вкладки, и благодаря этому расширению это наконец получилось! Работает отлично, пока что проблем не было
  • Das Add-on ist Spitze.

    Eine Frage habe ich noch:
    Bisher war es mögllich, durch Klicken in das Adressfeld die Anschrift "about:blank" zu markieren, dann die neue Adresse einzugeben, die (blaue) Adresse "about:blank" wurde durch die gewünschte neue Adresse ersetzt.
    Seit Firefox 60.0.1 ist das nicht mehr möglich, "about:blank muss händisch gelöscht werden.
    Mache ich etwas falsch oder gibt es hierzu in FF eine Einstellmöglichkeit?
    Vielen Dank
  • It opens local html files but the css doesn't load
  • Works as intended.