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  • Quantum からは、「+」新しいタブを開くなどの「新しいタブ」が


    ・新しいタブページをお好みの Web アクセス可能な URL に変更できます。
    ・about:home、Firefox のデフォルトのホームページ、新しいタブページとして使用できます。
    ・拡張機能のストレージにローカル HTML ファイルを保存し、そのコンテンツを新しいタブコンテンツとして使用できます。
    ・Mozilla に関する最新のニュースを新しいタブページとして入手できます(ドイツ語のみ)
    ・アドレスバーまたはウェブページ(たとえば、Google の検索フィールド)にフォーカスを設定できます。
    ・美しい設定の UI を使用して、新しいタブの設定を簡単にカスタマイズできます。
    ・プロトコルが見つからない場合、http:// の前に自動的に付加されます。
    ・Firefox のコンテナタブ機能と一緒に使うことができます。
  • It works great apart from it leaving a blank page in Recently Closed Tabs.
  • COOL
  • I LOVE IT! IT'S ABOUT TIME! I always had my + tab set to google.com since that's my first choice for searching. That was removed so I had to type the URL into the new tab to get it. Kind of a pain when I'm in a real hurry and my internet is running slower than it should. My IP is just too cheap to update their equipment. One of the drawbacks of living way out in the boonies.....
  • Why does this app even have to exist? Mozilla....if one of the most popular extensions is something that adds back a simple option that you used to have, maybe it's saying something about your browser! 5 Stars for recognizing the obvious.
  • Works great on desktop. Please consider an Android version, it's supposedly not compatible :(
  • Semplice ed utilissima. Colma una mancanza di Firefox.
  • Does exactly what it says it does with additional options to set for new tabs beyond just the home page. Installs with just a couple of clicks, no restart needed.
  • Da tab mix nicht mehr geht , habe ich auf diese erweiterung gehofft
  • its the one and only proper tab replacement for this f*cking WebExtension sh*t. thanks for this, i'm probably donate you some $. BTW can you enable the Javascript on local file? and external CSS loading?
  • This addon is nice, but it leave a blank page in history, so that when you close a page then open a new page, and then undo close tab, will make Firefox open wrong page, not the page you closed. And also all the recently closed pages are all the blank pages if you opened many new pages.
  • I use a local home page and was delighted to find a setting to use one - until I discovered that it did not use the CSS and JS files referenced in the header. I guess I could create a new page including the code or just use the web url but what a pain.
  • Schlank, schnell und prima!
  • Good
  • opens web page but not all the support files
    does not switch to the directory where the homepage is located
    image files will not load
  • Absolutely perfect! Now i'm happy with this browser.
  • Works like expected, the only problem, is that when I start typing as soon as the page loads, what I type is added to the start of the URL. So, if I use google.com as my homepage and I start typing what is 2+2, it looks like this in the URL "what is 2+2https://www.google.com", making it a pain to search things
  • the extension works as expected. But newly opened tabs are laggy. I have "about:blank" configured as what is to be shown when opening a new tab. Usually I begin to type in something (url, search) in the address bar immediately after opening a new tab. With this extension this doesn't work anymore. Everything I type in after opening a tab until, say, 1.5s after that gets selected and overwritten.
  • It's nice and best of all: IT WORKS!
  • гуууудддд
  • Nice and simple
  • И это говно предлагается как замена TabMixPlus?
  • Love
  • Das ist alles?
    Genau DREI Einstellungen sind möglich - und dann soll ich auch noch spenden??
    Oder werden die möglichen Einstellungen bei mir ggf. nicht alle angezeigt?

    Ich bin jedenfalls sehr enttäuscht - und habe es sofort wieder gelöscht!

    Grüsse aus Ostfriesland
  • Works, but really need to figure out how to prevent that annoying WHITE FLASH thats cause by the extention.

    I set my NEW TAB background to black using usercontent.css code, but it does not help the flashing.

    Is there some way for you to set the background color to the users choice within New Tab Override, and solve the issue?
    Could you please file an issue on GitHub? Otherwise I will forget to have a look.