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  • This addon is nice, but it leave a blank page in history, so that when you close a page then open a new page, and then undo close tab, will make Firefox open wrong page, not the page you closed. And also all the recently closed pages are all the blank pages if you opened many new pages.
  • I use a local home page and was delighted to find a setting to use one - until I discovered that it did not use the CSS and JS files referenced in the header. I guess I could create a new page including the code or just use the web url but what a pain.
  • Schlank, schnell und prima!
  • Good
  • opens web page but not all the support files
    does not switch to the directory where the homepage is located
    image files will not load
  • Absolutely perfect! Now i'm happy with this browser.
  • Works like expected, the only problem, is that when I start typing as soon as the page loads, what I type is added to the start of the URL. So, if I use google.com as my homepage and I start typing what is 2+2, it looks like this in the URL "what is 2+2https://www.google.com", making it a pain to search things
  • the extension works as expected. But newly opened tabs are laggy. I have "about:blank" configured as what is to be shown when opening a new tab. Usually I begin to type in something (url, search) in the address bar immediately after opening a new tab. With this extension this doesn't work anymore. Everything I type in after opening a tab until, say, 1.5s after that gets selected and overwritten.
  • It's nice and best of all: IT WORKS!
  • гуууудддд
  • Nice and simple
  • И это говно предлагается как замена TabMixPlus?
  • Love
  • Das ist alles?
    Genau DREI Einstellungen sind möglich - und dann soll ich auch noch spenden??
    Oder werden die möglichen Einstellungen bei mir ggf. nicht alle angezeigt?

    Ich bin jedenfalls sehr enttäuscht - und habe es sofort wieder gelöscht!

    Grüsse aus Ostfriesland
  • Works, but really need to figure out how to prevent that annoying WHITE FLASH thats cause by the extention.

    I set my NEW TAB background to black using usercontent.css code, but it does not help the flashing.

    Is there some way for you to set the background color to the users choice within New Tab Override, and solve the issue?

    Developer response

    Could you please file an issue on GitHub? Otherwise I will forget to have a look.
  • Echt klasse
  • Delivers as promised. My homepage was hijacked by Yahoo (Verizon) ,
    I set my Firefox to open with the same tabs as last session, and also pin my calendar and a couple of other pages
  • Really great addon. I do wish for a feature, and that is for Firfox / this addon to not just put the marker in the new tabs url but also select the whole text so I can make a new tab and instantly write the url I want and press enter to go there. Would be great to get this. Thank you for your efforts.

    Developer response

    That's not possible for WebExtensions.
  • Туфта
  • super addon fait bien ce qui lui est demandé
  • Just in the making of development given a 3star for trial.
  • Ich hatte vorher TabMixPlus und war sehr zufrieden damit. New Tab ist für meine Bedürfnisse gleichwertig, da TabMixPlus nach dem neuen Update von Firefox nicht mehr funktioniert. Genau da liegt auch das Problem: Ich hatte mir eine eigene Startseite gebastelt die dann bei einem neuen Tab angezeigt wird. Das lässt der neue Firefox aber nicht mehr zu. Ich kann im Add-on zwar eine lokale Seite wählen, diese wird aber nicht richtig angezeigt, da Bilder und co. von lokalen Quellen grundsätzlich geblockt werden. Sicherheit hin oder her, es sollte zumindest dem Nutzer selbst überlassen werden, ob er das will oder nicht. Mein Fazit zum "Größten Update aller Zeiten": performe Verbesserung, optische Verschlechterung, eingeschränkte Benutzerfreiheit
  • I have always used a local web page of my own making to use as a home page. The new web extensions version did not on first glance appear to support the ability to use anything other than http:// or https://. On closer examination it turns out I can use my local web page - just read the instructions carefully. Just select "Local File" and "Load Local File" and you've solved the problem. I think if I were the author I'd make this instruction a little more plain.

    I've used this extension for years with nothing but good things to say about it.
  • Version 11.0.0 doesn't show my local homepage when I open a new tab.
  • Works perfectly. Opening a new tab now opens my normal home page.