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  • It's working perfectly, thank you.
  • When I select "current home page" and then open a new tab, I get an empty page instead of the current home page. If I select "local file" and then open a new tab I see a garbled version of the local file. Unfortunately, this add-on is useless for me. (It's a shame that an add-on is needed in the first place.)
  • Before installing this add-on I was a bit concerned by quite a few of the reviews saying it didn't work or was complicated to use.

    Well, it worked perfectly for me, and was not in any way complicated. If you simply wish to set your newtab to open on a fixed webpage, go to the add-on options and type the desired URL into the text box. Done. It's that simple.

    It's a bad reflection on Mozilla that this add-on is needed, but a huge thanks must go to the developer for creating it.

    Mozilla really should have known better than to force a change so radical upon their userbase that it requires an add-on to return things to normality.
  • setzt dem Entwickler Wahnsinn der Firefox Guys -Giott sei Dank- den Riegel vor!!!
  • It works fine!
  • Danke dafür !!!
  • Habe mich sehr geärgert, dass Mozilla mich da so bevormundet. Dieses kleine Addon vertsöhnt mich wieder. Es bügelt aus, was Mozilla verbockt hat. Danke dafür.
  • ich finde diese Erweiterung mit der persönlichen Statseite als Suche im neuen Tab wunderbar
    Vielen Dank....
  • Sehr nützliches kleines Add-on
  • 57.0.2 on Windows, first install: None of the settings has any effect, after restart, in safe-mode, you name it; I've spent almost half an hour of my life messing around on about:config, trying out the combinations, just hoping to get this add-on making *any* difference at all. Result, flat zero. I wouldn't even know it's properly installed were it not for its entry in the Options menu, apparently the only thing it managed to do on my setup. No idea why this is featured, sorry. Less so since there was an update, as it seems, only a month ago. Did FF even change in a relative way, as recent as that? And then no note about possible problems, a month later? I'm removing.
  • Da Firefox bei mir in "about:config" unter der Einstellung "browser.newtab.url" kein Wert meiner Personalisierten Website angezeigt wurde, Habe ich mich für diese AddOn entschieden. Ich bereue nichts und kann diese voll und ganz mit 5/5 Sternen bewerten. Mann Hat zudem auch noch ein paar andere Einstellungsmöglichkeiten.
  • I've used the extensions Open Tab Next to Current and Always Right to open new tabs next the currently active tab. They work fine until New Tab Override is installed. After that, new tabs are opened 2 steps from the current active tab instead of right after. Hope this problem/conflict gets fixed.

    Windows 10
    Firefox 57.0.2
    Tab Center Redux (Vertical Tabs)

    Also wish there was a place to report bugs for New Tab Override instead of using ratings.
  • Wonderful add-on but
  • Just works very well!
    Thank you! :)
  • Looks okayish, except for local files. You can set locals files, but for whatever reasons they don't respect their CSS. Works on the first tab, not on any other. Might work if the CSS would be inline, but who would want that? Guess it has something to do with local vs. addon-startup path or whatever...
    You can't use inline CSS.

    I don't see a reason why it should work on the first tab and not in others. Please test with a fresh Firefox profile and report an issue on GitHub if the problem still exists.
  • Does exactly what is expected of him.

    I set each new tab to open DuckDuckGo, which is wonderful, I do not like the clutter of an empty tab as a default alliance.
  • Perfecta para configurar la apertura de una nueva pestaña con la web que prefieras, y te permite mover el foco a la web.
  • Just like matif525 said below, this addon is almost perfect ... except for the cases when users try the 'Undo close tab' command after opening a new tab. Great work, developer, but you should take a peek at New Tab Page by Openview-Design, cause that addon manages to 'Undo close tab' AND focus the web page instead of the address bar correctly. Too bad I had to check about a half a dozen addons for such a simple functionality that should be provided right out of the box by every browser...
  • Der aktuelle web.de-MailCheck hat leider etwas dagegen, wenn man einfach nur eine leere Seite beim Öffnen eines neues Tabs haben möchte. Hiermit ist das zum Glück wieder möglich. Danke dafür.
    Gerne und Danke für die Bewertung! :)
  • Thanks Firefox 57 has the annoying history displayed in the black tab, and you can't change it. This addon changed it back to a white black page
  • I have my own page with links to all of the services I use regularly. This extension gives me the ability to instantly open a new tab that contains all of those links that I use most often.
    Thank you for your review.

    You gave only four stars but you didn't say what is missing. Please tell me what is missing, otherwise I don't know what I have to improve.
  • Greate little extension. Not a lot of options, but to the point. Especially the "Focus" option is a nifty little goodie!
  • Wonderful
  • Quantum からは、「+」新しいタブを開くなどの「新しいタブ」が


    ・新しいタブページをお好みの Web アクセス可能な URL に変更できます。
    ・about:home、Firefox のデフォルトのホームページ、新しいタブページとして使用できます。
    ・拡張機能のストレージにローカル HTML ファイルを保存し、そのコンテンツを新しいタブコンテンツとして使用できます。
    ・Mozilla に関する最新のニュースを新しいタブページとして入手できます(ドイツ語のみ)
    ・アドレスバーまたはウェブページ(たとえば、Google の検索フィールド)にフォーカスを設定できます。
    ・美しい設定の UI を使用して、新しいタブの設定を簡単にカスタマイズできます。
    ・プロトコルが見つからない場合、http:// の前に自動的に付加されます。
    ・Firefox のコンテナタブ機能と一緒に使うことができます。