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  • Rated this Five Stars without having even used it. I personally have installed "Link Fixer 1.3" that does the same thing seamlessly and unobtrusively. Just saying.
  • gut
  • Stutter of the tab on top makes this plugin more unpleasant than bad new tab page. If it looked smoother would use.
  • I would like the cursor in the url when new tab is opened please so i can immediately start typing a web address? how can i do this?

    at the moment when open a new tab (hompage is google) it places the cursor in the google search box.

    can you let me know if this is possible please?
  • Works perfectly; dead simple!

    Doesn't show anything weird in the address bar or in the auth/security area and doesn't cause problems with links.

    Thanks so much for this plugin, great work.
  • A very helpful extension. Unfortunately, takes noticeable time to actually open the custom new tab page, so when I open a new tab to go to another website, the following happens:
    - I copy the url I want to go to
    - the extension kicks in and overrides my url with the custom page I set for new tab.
    So the extension does wonders when I open the new tab for the custom page I set for it, but destroys my workflow otherwise.
  • Will not allow loading local files on Ubuntu / Linux.

    No, "Mozilla doesn't allow this functionality" is not an answer. I have a different extension, with the same local file, working perfectly fine on Windows 8.1 but it refuses to load on Ubuntu. This extension doesn't even make an attempt to load the file. It's HTML, CSS, JS so the semi support doesn't work (and isn't a real fix because I want changes to be made immediate which is why it's a local file in the first place). The only use I have for this extension does not work so it is immediately uninstalled.


    Edit: I don't think I can reply to developer comments so I will here instead.

    Firstly, I don't need to make a GitHub issue because this isn't GitHub. This is the review section of mozilla.org where I review the extension I downloaded that doesn't do what I wanted it to. Secondly, I did say exactly what is wrong. If the path does not start with http:// or https:// the extension refuses to load without even trying. This is not a technical reason, this is a developmental choice and why the other extension loads on Windows (because it doesn't give up the moment I input my file path). Lastly, the other extension works on Windows 8.1 and 10 merely by inputting file:// (path to file) despite it too saying it's not supported. The steps to reproduce the two star review are: 1) choose new URL 2) input anything that's not http:// or https:// 3) immediately uninstall and leave a poor review reflecting this design choice.

    Thank you for making the extension (I didn't rate it one star) but the extensions design choice makes it unusable for local file hosting which works despite it not being officially supported. All I need(ed) it to do was auto open an HTML file from my machine (not cache but actually open to access ./css, ./js, etc) but I have since worked around this issue.
    And where is your GitHub issue where you are showing the other add-on and you local file? Sorry, it's not okay to give such reviews and telling the add-on does something wrong and not to say what exactly is wrong. And honestly, I can't believe that it works on Windows and not on Linux. So please provide the test case and steps to reproduce before giving bad reviews…
  • Excellent, barring inability to have URL bar selected/blank (an open issue with Firefox, not this extension).
  • Still awesome.Thank you!!!