910 reviews for this add-on
  • I had Honey installed and on one of Firefox updates it has disappeared and can't get it back. How do I reinstall so I can use on Amazon?
  • Finding discounts and codes for me all over the place! Thrilled with it!
  • Great help!!
  • Just saved nearly $30 on early Christmas shopping with Honey! Great add-on for shopping!
  • I just wish there was more savings for outside of the US. I never get anything come up for Australian purchases
  • great app...the best one i own.
  • it is a really good add on to the browser
  • This app is wonderful! Finds a ton of workable codes and save me money plus cash back!
  • Awesome app that watches purchases and finds coupons.
  • still trying to make this work....
  • I love you!!!! How you do I, I don't know or care. You pull out discounts I knew nothing about all of the time.
  • Really good. love honey. also Mr beast uses it soo.
  • I love Honey! This app helps me save a lot of $$$.
  • Great app. Love it
  • It's worth downloading, There is no point in not having it prices can go from 20$ to 12$. Honey is great!
  • saved me $4.84 first time I used it,
  • Completely useless if your not in USA, have not found a single code applicable to the UK, would give it 0 stars if that were possible.
  • Honey is easy to set up, easy to use, and often finds nice savings on things I was going to buy anyway.
  • giving coupons for almost every site enjoying it real much
  • I just save over $46 on a $286 order. Thank you Honey
  • Okay.. WOW.
    I love couponing, but it's not always the easiest, nor the fastest to look up coupons online.
    This thing LITERALLY did all the work!

    I wasn't going to download it at first since it looked time consuming, but I love and trust Shane Dawson and he mentioned how it takes no effort to download. So I did.

    Even though he was sponsored to promote it, I'm so glad he did. I love it, and I recommend it to everybody. My only wish is that it was "mobile friendly." Seems like it only works on a web browser. Regardless, so happy to have found this. Love the savings!!
  • This is the first time in about 25 tries that Honey came up with a savings.
  • Honey is SWEEEET!
  • Love Honey !! It is fast fun and I make money.
  • BEST app I've ever seen & used. Saves me $$$ at check out PLUS 10% cash back!!!!