806 reviews for this add-on
  • I love how it automatically pops up, I don't have to remember to look for coupons. It's very fast and best of all it has saved me some moolah!
  • I love this app i save alot of money
  • Honey sucks.
  • Honey is one of those rare extensions that actually does what it claims to do
  • I love this....it just saved me $6.00 on my order from Michael's.
  • Great extension that makes it easy to get the best deals and save money on a wide variety of products from different vender's.
  • Finds and applies any possible coupons for all sites. Tells me of the best deals on Amazon, as well as price change history. Allows me to add products to a droplist to see if the prices come down in the future. In the short time I have been using Honey, it has saved me a significant amount of money.
  • it's free and saves you money, what more can you ask
  • Just great. Saves money basically everywhere you could think of online. No complaints
  • Honey is terrific. Always looks out to save me money!
  • Saves lots of cash...
  • I don't know and I don't care how this works, but I buy a lot of stuff on-line and this thing saves me money about 25% of the time I buy things. Today it was $30 off a $124 purchase. It does not get in the way and does not crowd your screen with offers. Used it about 6 months now and it is fantastic.
  • Really good add on for making extra cash!
  • Very usefull
  • This little program has really saved me money for on line shopping! I love it and highly recommend!
  • Rarely actually works. Have to sign in constantly.
  • Just saved on shipping charges! I love HONEY!
  • Very Easy to use
  • Honey pops up automatically to scan codes for me. If I change my order, it pops up again. Always saves me money.
  • This is a real money saver!!
  • Its very good and it takes no effort at all
  • I have saved money with Honey and it is smooth and efficient! This is a great extension!! Even when there are no coupons, it is always offering me deals!
  • Love all the discounts Honey offers
  • First time trying it, saved me 10 dollars on a 20 dollar purchase in under a minute. So far it's great!
  • I had used honey in the past on another computer, but when I got a new computer I forgot to add it. I recently sw it mentioned and added it to Firefox.
    I forget I have it. Even so it AUTOMATICALLY will search out and apply the best price, if possible. Otherwise it will tell me who has the best price!
    This is an INCREDIBLY useful tool for anyone with more brains than money. If you don't care to get the best price available at that time, don't bother. Otherwise, DO IT! WOW!!