2,687 reviews
  • Really good but not works on Steam :-(
    PLZ fix :-)
  • Great extension you don't have to remember to use before buying something. Honey reminds you!
  • Saved me a bunch of money on my pizza! Thanks!
  • just gave me 5 bucks. Thank you honey!
  • Fabulous discounts
  • Honey is awesome it gives me all the best deals it got me a 60% off and i saved $104.27 on my Christmas shopping
  • I LOVE HONEY! It's saved me so much freaking money! Jesus Tits! Thank you creators of Honey.... I love you!
  • My Honey shows up ASAP and gives me a great discount!
  • Honey is awesome! It does all the work of coupon finding for me. Love it!
  • It does what claims to, but be prepared for MAJOR lag as it compares prices and whatever. I'm not kidding, it will render your shopping websites NEARLY unusable. I've taken to disabling the add-on until I need it to do it's thing. On Chrome, you can right-click the extension in the toolbar to disable/enable it, but Firefox requires you to go to the Add-ons manager. That adds a step that I'd rather avoid.
    So, the performance/responsiveness hit costs it two stars. Otherwise it is useful for checking prices and finding/using promo codes. YMMV
  • Almost always save money with this sight. Love it.
  • This is so great!!! Saving me from so many purchases as a student.
  • Saving ez money, gg.
  • Sure glad we found you. Thanks, Bob :-)