705 reviews for this add-on
  • great add on saves money and cash back

  • i've saved a TON since siging up !

  • Good extn for coupons

  • Awesome add-on! Every time I shop, this app constantly finds the best coupon there is for the items I am purchasing. Definitely recommend downloading for some great savings!

  • The app works, but I don't like the data sharing and affiliate link injection policies in their terms of service.

    "We sometimes use specially formatted links for which we receive a commission on resulting sales or clicks from affiliate partners (“Affiliate Links”). If you click on an offer you will be redirected to the partner’s site and your session will be tracked using affiliate cookies.

    In connection with Honey Offers, the Service will provide links to other web sites belonging to Honey advertisers and other third parties."

  • great help

  • Your extension has saved me money. Also, it helps me to recognize merchants who appreciate the brand-loyalty they build by helping their customers save money.

  • Wow, I just ordered what I always order and from the same place I always order it and now saved $12.00. That was 15%. I'm impessed.

  • Honey added a discount at check-out to my already-applied discount. Love this app!

  • This HONEY app is excellent... it allows me to place Amazon items on a list and it watches the price for a designated period of time... if the price drops to the price that you listed, it will notify you immediatly. The only concern is that you have a short time in which to respond to it!

  • I lie it. I'm still verifying it works as advertised but truth is, it does seem to work. ANd works well... A little more time and I'll bump this to 5 stars!

  • Help me to save a couple of bucks, helped me to stretch what I could buy.

  • Love how easy this app is to use. It automatically pops up when you are shopping and tells you that there are coupons or discounts available. You click on the apply button and voila, your total cart is automatically less money. What's not to love?!?!

  • You think this is a scam or a joke but it is FREAKING WONDERFULL
    I am telling you that I have saved at least slightly over $200 using this APP
    Just try it on Amazon. You will be amazed
    I can't believe I did not know about this sooner.

  • A fantastic little app! Hadn't heard about it until I listened to the Valleycast. Added it right away and shopped! Works fast and isn't intrusive during the shopping/checkout experience. Super easy to use.

  • Works great!

  • Money saver, enough for 5 stars

  • LOVE my HONEY!!! Saves this grandma of "5" money$$$$

  • On several websites I get options to save money, thru slower shipping, no sales taxes, or testing coupon codes. I usually use the suggested option and save from 5 to 20%. Super easy!

  • Supper great! on my gardening supply site, Honey found me 5 free gifts!!! I got 5 extra gifts of flowers and plants for free! so great.

  • It saved a lot of money.

  • Honey has saved me tons of money! Easy to use and no annoying ads or trying to sell me anything! LOVE IT!

  • With my past three online purchases, I saved 70.00 !! I can't recommend Honey enough. Awesome !! Three Thumbs Up !!

  • I love Honey! It saves me money ALL the time!

  • I just saved $2.50 on a vitamin purchase.