2,822 reviews
  • Very Helpful!!!
  • It's free money. Press one button to find the best coupon, press a second button to apply it. Simply doesn't get better or easier than that.
  • can't get it to show up on Amazon
  • ive saved so much by using Honey
  • saved me lots of money
  • I shop online frequently due to my busy work schedule. This extension has helped me save a lot, and I refuse to shop online without it. I only give it 4 stars because there is a bug where sometimes it doesn't work properly and i have to restart my computer.
  • cons: adds to page loading times, need to give them account info and shopping data

    pros: great database for discount codes and great tools for price following

    OVERALL: the pros outweigh the cons, its an essential tool to shop smarter online. Use it!
  • Has Saved Me lots of $$$
  • I LOVE Honey!! Truly!! I can't tell you how much I've saved in online shopping for my fav sites! Highly recommend!!