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  • I love that Honey automatically looks for coupons without my having to remember to search! I just saved $5.00 and wouldn't have even thought to look. Yay! Great service!
  • The add-on works very good and applies coupons when applicable. Works great, I can't wait for expansion in the EU!
  • such a great app...it does all the work
  • Wish I'd had this ages ago - saved me lots of money already and only had it just over a week!
  • This add-on truly does work exactly how it says in the description. I know how Youtuber's generally have a code specifically for G-Fuel and I tried it out and the add-on suggested a code which gave me 30% off the entire order which is the highest G-fuel offers and the code was from a Youtuber I personally haven't heard of
  • Absolutely Amazing & Totally Sweet Money Saver!!!
  • I forget this is on my computer I LOVE IT always a GREAT SAVINGS:-)
  • BEWARE: this app will take over your computer and will never shut off until you uninstall it. This app is more bogus spyware
  • If you shop online this is a no brainer, as in just download it.
  • Works well gave a code for $40 off one item. Thanks!
  • cool it saved me 10 dollars
  • Since having this on my PC I thought I would of earnt more points than I have so far buy as its something for nothing I cant complain. Its helped with a few items but not as many as I thought. Most of the time the code I have found or been given by the site I am on is usually the best one as it is so I think that honey has not earnt me that much I seem to get just a few points here and there just for usuing it.
  • Working Great for me! Thank You
  • Great start keep it up.
  • I tried this over a year ago and was disappointed: the better prices on Amazon were few and often referred to products not exactly the same.
    I just tried it again and went through my extensive wish lists and got the same results. A few cases it found one better result on Amazon, but Amazon already had that listed under "Other sellers" - in one case, Amazon's "Other Sellers" list had one better price than Honey found.
    I'll keep trying it for a while, but expect it to be a waste of time.
  • Rarely saves me any money and it's annoying