751 reviews for this add-on
  • Keep forgetting I have in installed, keep getting loads of deals :D
  • Honey comes up automatically. Many times I've forgotten to check. It has saved me a lot of money in discounts.
  • Might take a minute or two to find a good code but well worth the wait.
  • Gives you a small discount to your purchase if you have the code.
  • It just works.
  • Honey finds me coupon codes that save me 10 to 20 percent. I also like the price-drop alert feature for keeping an eye on things I might buy.
  • Simple and straightforward, not a resource vampire
  • Honey always surprises me with codes that I did not even know will provide me with GREAT discounts. The only regret here is not knowing about Honey earlier on.
  • I enjoy getting the discounts while shopping the different web-sites
  • Good savings, man.
    Helps a lot.
  • I already love HONEY, and it has been only a few weeks since honey has been in my life. Honey has saved me on almost every purchase I have made since our "relationship" commenced. thank you so much, Honey, for coming into my life and save me some mullah!!!
  • love the discount
  • This service has worked great for me. Saved me lots of money where it can. I love it.
  • You're always surprised at how much it saves you when you're just doing the things you normally do online
  • Since I downloaded this app a couple of weeks ago, it has saved me over $100! I have made some purchases that it hasn't found coupons for but that is OK. Thankful to get the ones I have so far. I feel it is worth downloading! I love that it automatically shows up when you go to the cart during purchase and gives you the option to use it or not!
  • While I only use it periodically, I find that I consistently save money on a variety of purchases.
    I highly recommend this. It's easy to install and use and well worth the extra moment to let Honey search for possible discounts.
  • I've bought probably a dozen things online from various places since having this and its never found a single code. Maybe its because I'm in Canada and buying anything here means getting shafted all the time but this extension has proved pretty much useless.
    Oh, and they're paying for fake reviews, There are dozens and dozens of reviews by people with usernames like 4a5hCd or similar. So disingenuous, shame on you
  • I love how it automatically pops up, I don't have to remember to look for coupons. It's very fast and best of all it has saved me some moolah!
  • I love this app i save alot of money
  • Honey sucks.
  • Honey is one of those rare extensions that actually does what it claims to do
  • I love this....it just saved me $6.00 on my order from Michael's.
  • Great extension that makes it easy to get the best deals and save money on a wide variety of products from different vender's.
  • Finds and applies any possible coupons for all sites. Tells me of the best deals on Amazon, as well as price change history. Allows me to add products to a droplist to see if the prices come down in the future. In the short time I have been using Honey, it has saved me a significant amount of money.
  • it's free and saves you money, what more can you ask