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  • I came upon Honey by accident, while shopping online for a refrigerator. At first I thought it was a scam and was going to get rid of it, but then it saved me $10.00 off a furnace filter I was going to buy! I couldn't believe it. Anyway, I told a friend of mine about it (she is very skeptical) and she really likes it, too. I'm very happy to have found this Honey thing.
  • best app ever i never knew that honey can be so amazing, thanks.
  • The easiest $4 I ever saved.
  • Awesome extension. Whenever im at a checkout while shopping online, honey will automatically pop up and let me know if coupons have been found, and then on top of that it scans for the best coupons and applies them to your order. Have saved a lot of money, awesome.
  • AWESOME! Honey has saved me literally hundreds of dollars!
  • Quite Awesome app to have an a+ on discounts.
  • Always finds me great savings!
  • Great Experience. Honey works in the background to search and even enter the coupon codes that I previously tried searching for online myself.

    Honey just stays up there in the corner and works even when I forget it's there.

    LOVE IT ! ! !
  • I was on a website ordering a product than the Honey app popped up and showed me there was 1 coupon. I decided to click on it and it saved me $4.05! I'm so glad I decided to click on it and download the app. Thank you, Honey!
  • Used this app three times in the past week and really enjoy the savings.
  • Awesome product! It has helped me so much!
  • Great!
  • This ap works simple saves me money
  • Works.
  • Love it!!! I will never shop online without it again!!
  • Wonderful Add-on!
  • This feels like fraud... I love it!
  • Already saved a lot of money in the last year
  • This is the best thing installed on my computer. There aren't always discounts but this app finds them when they exist and makes sure Im paying the lowest price all the time. I love it!!!!!
  • I shop online a lot. I love it when honey pops up and tells me I can save money.
  • I was so excited that Honey automatically found a discount code while I was placing an order for shoes!!!! I was not even expecting that and all of a sudden...discount!!! Woohoo!!!
  • the BEST site I HAVE EVER USED for any discount for online shopping. You hit the "h" and the best coupon price is shown and added to the checkout. it does all the work for you!
  • Loved watching that price go down, down, down!
  • I often get small discounts that I wouldn't otherwise know about! Sometimes the discounts are more significant. Easy to use!
  • Just got a dress shirt for half price