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  • Love it! It's so minimalistic and intuitive and have saved me couple of bucks here and there that by the end of the month it amounts to a good chunk of savings :D
  • Just saved me 10 bucks on delivery, thatnks honey xx
  • I was about to make a purchase for printing copies at a big store online...Honey jumped in and saved me $13 on a $66 purchase! Score!!
  • Honey screen keeps popping up during check out and interferes with reviewing the individual item transactions. It pulls up expired discounts and blanks your screen while it checks them. It should operate un-intrussively in the background. It's popping up all over the screen is just down right irritating.
  • Fantastic!
  • Works as promised as far as coupon codes and discounts go. Amazon droplist and price charts are also great. Be sure to read the rules before you redeem a credit card.
  • Fast, works great...SAVES $
  • good deals made better
  • Every time I use this, there's either no coupon or I get $5+ off, so overall solid extension