2,681 reviews
  • I'm so glad I found Honey - I've saved a lot of money using it. Love it.
  • Saves me money, works well. Thanks, Honey.
  • just saved me money on chocolate chip brownies 10/10
  • Never thought it would work because I live in Canada and then it worked. I love you guys. I wish I was American.
  • it works occassionally. rarely gives the "gold" cash back. I have yet to see a penny from its' own cash back scheme but it does find coupons across the web more often than not.
  • Love this saves me tons of money
  • Just brilliant!
  • good idea
  • It is the best! It just shows up and gives you the best additional discounts. I often forget about it until it shows up at checkout.
  • Great add on to assist with fluctuating pricing and providing coupons.
  • Hands down the best browser extension.
  • I've been shopping Amazon for few years now, & know my way around it...

    1)Amazon recognizes your using Honey & adds a (cheapest line) at the top above displayed products.

    1)Had to disable & re-enable honey add-on frequently (support instructions)
    2)Honey button still wouldn't appear for all items
    3)Purposely chose most expensive item out of Amazon results, & Honey=(Best) & didn't see the dozens of stores selling the same for as much as 50% cheaper!
    4)Honey didn't distinguish between public pricing & prime membership prices, leaving you to click each to figure out which, by default.

    All the above was done while researching multiple items. As well as place the majority of blame as a most likely result of variance between item descriptions!?