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  • Really nice extension.
    Will wait for an FF57+ version.
  • I love Foxclocks and look forward to the update. Thank you for all your hard work.

    Edit: Nov 18th, 17 Just popped up. You are a genius!!!
  • I love this add-on! I hope it will be available for Firefox Quantum :(
  • I love foxclocks. I work internationally and it is a lifesaver - I've recommended it to many colleagues. But today, tragedy! My browser automatically updated, foxclocks has disappeared (and as often it's one of the very first things I need from my browser in the morning) and apparently it's not compatible with the new firefox quantum! I hope you're making a new version - and thanks for making such a great add-on in the first place :)
  • I was enjoying FoxClocks- It is a real help especially as we are in such a global community, to know what time it is elsewhere. Invaluable... You can imagine my disappointment with FF57... I've lost soooo many add-ons. Including FozClocks. Are you likely to tweak it so it can run on FF57?
  • Thanks a lot for this add-on.
    Once it starts supporting version 57, it will be Five stars
  • Not compatible with version 57! :( Yes once it starts running for version 57 I shall surely give 5 stars. Proactively you should have made it compatible to higher versions I feel!
    I'm working on an update, though it won't be nearly as full-featured. 1-star reviews about compatibility aren't helpful, to be honest.
  • Hello,

    FoxClocks is great.
    But I want to add 5 minutes on the time indicated (wrong OS time and i'm not administrator).
    There is the format : <24h> h

    I want to add 5 minutes to ( does not work):

    how could we do?

    Thank you
  • At the moment, I'm using Waterfox 54 (although I was using Firefox prior) and I noticed an issue between FoxClocks and NoScript - that being that FoxClocks disappears from the interface whenever NoScript is enabled. No amount of changing the settings on NoScript seems to matter, just that it's running or not. It's a shame since both addons are what I would call essential. Hopefully it's only something small that can be fixed easily!

    PS. A somewhat annoying work around is to have NoScript disabled when you restart/close Firefox/Waterfox and then enable it when it first opens. This will keep both working and displaying normally, but if you forget to disable NoScript before restarting again, FoxClocks will disappear from the UI again.
    I'll take a look. Thanks for letting me know.
  • since i downloaded Firefox Quantum, it has been not able to use.
  • Used to be a great plug-in, but something in the recent Firefox versions broke it. It's not the radical incompatibility that will be introduced by version 57; it doesn't work in version 55.0.3, either. Please fix.
    Yes, something is amiss with Firefox 55+ - I'll take a look. I have something working for Firefox 57, too, but it's not perfect and may never be, sady.
  • After the last move from Mozilla, all addons must be adjusted to the last version Quantum (57). Hope we will use this one again.
  • This great add-on is likely caught in the big update coming with V57. I updated two machines to V56 today and the foxclock status bar info will not show even though running. PLEASE UPDATE ASAP! Thanks for a great util.
  • Love this add on a lot, but suddenly stop working since Firefox 57+ since today. I hope it will get updated ASAP.
  • This is by far the best time zone tracker. I frequently have to talk to clients around the world and so it is nice to know their local time. This add-on allows me to put my most important time zones on the status bar. Lots of extra features as well.
  • I love the UI, the options.
    Been using it for last few years or so.
    Bummed i cant use it with current version as of today
    Glad FoxClocks has been working out for you! I'll have a look into this when I can.

  • This is a super great addon but broken after FF55. Will it be fixed sometime and continue support FF57+?
  • I'm using this addon only for showing a current clock and date on a toolbar, right to the URL bar. It's super handy and been using this for years. In current Nightly 57 the functionality is already almost broken, however still showing time and date on a toolbar, but not updating in realtime, only if I move a mouse cursor over it and wait a bit. I'm trying to live without it, but if even this simple use case will be possible with Webextension, please look at it. Will be much appreciated. Thanks
  • Please tell us it will be updated to support FF54+? I bet a LOT of us really depend on having the date+time in the statusbar!
    Works on FF55 for me, but I had to disable the Status-4-Evar extension. I'll look into this further. But with 'legacy' extensions no longer being supported in FF57, I'm not sure how much effort to put into this. Very sad for Firefox.
  • No updates to this Add-On for over a Year now. Has this Add-On too now fallen to abandonment?
    I was going to re-install but now I will not.
    The time zone database is updated regularly; these updates don't require an update to the extension itself.
  • This is an awesome add-on, but not working anymore on Mozilla 45.0.2. When trying to reinstall, a popup appears saying the package is corrupted. Please check.
  • Works perfectly with the Add-ons Bar that's built into Classic Theme Restorer.
  • Tend to now to show up on status bar. Need to disable and enable again.
    Also found to be conflicting with Super Drag extension