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  • It's sad that Firefox won't permit this awesome extension to actually display the time/date, in full, in the bar like it used to. But, this is great extension, used it for years. Actually find ourselves just moving cursor to the top to have the Windows taskbar drop to get the time far more often than clicking on the FoxClocks icon anymore.

    Only other thing so far, the "Show Flag" option in settings doesn't work, selected or not selected, flag displays.
  • I have been using Fox Clocks for as long as I can remember. However, lately I have been frustrated that I am now unable to pick the GMT time zones for Oceania (Australia/New Zealand) with my Firefox browser. Currently Melbourne, Australia is running 3 hours behind on its real time and there appears to be no way I can adjust this like I was able to in the past. Over to you Fox Clocks, is there a solution? Currently on the Firefox beta channel ver 60.0B6
  • It's nice and useful and I'm using it for a long time. But lately it always disrupts anything I'm doing (even watching fullscreen videos) and telling me that it has been updated.
    Can you just do quiet updates? This is so annoying, I consider to de-activate the add on
  • Yes, really a good idea for those that either work across time zones or have family in different time zones. For years I supported customers in every time zone in America, would have been a help.
  • I did not found any support chat so i leave my critics here, hoping the developer reads it.

    i used Foxclocks for years so far and considered ist as a very useful tool.
    i understand the bad behaviour of Mozillas programmers doing stupid restrictions, but:
    if i zoom a webpage Foxclock Statusbar (upper right) zooms also and hides parts of the webseite.
    if i use it as a popup i need a magnifier to read it - way too small. adjustable hight and width is absoluteley necessary.
    i miss the option to colorize the statusbar to dark themes, it makes the browser look ugly.
    is it possible to resize the statusbar only to the size of installed clocks?

    Very sad what Mozilla has done to our beloved addons :-(((((((
  • Yep love it, just I think it look some boring (IDK why, but they should make is more fancy)
  • I really like Foxclocks but since the last update, every time I start Firefox, it keeps opening up a second tab telling me that Foxclocks has been updated. It is very annoying and I had to remove the addon. Too bad because it was very useful.
  • Hurray,it's back as good as ever!
    Thank you a lot :-)
  • I used this Add-on for severly years and I liked it. But in the new FF without the statusbar and Foxclock only in an overlay in the website, i couldn´t use it anymore because there are very often buttons or links on the sites get covered from foxclock. Sorry, I know the lack of the statusbar isn´t your fault but it is like it is. The better choice nowadays is Chrome.
  • This is a great addon, knowing the time in different locations around the world is especially useful for Skyping with people all over the world.

    However, I give this a 4 star because it lacks a very useful feature that was present in the old version, the ability to import and export settings.

    Can this functionality possible be added back?
  • Useful add-on, it just does what is says. That it's now a Webextension doesn't help much for Thunderbird. Version 4.3.2 used to work in Thunderbird, but stopped working with TB58beta. Can FoxClocks be updated for Thunderbird, and be made available underneath 'All versions'?
  • Good start. Would be good to have a whitelist for certain websites which don't work right when foxclocks is showing. Google maps only shows a black screen. Can't send gmail email until hide clock.
  • It is simple but powerful. Easily create an overview of your time zones by adding your personal and most important places.
  • Excellent implementation. Really good for traders.
  • It does what I want and is easily configurable.
  • Doesn't work well with FF Quantum, it messes up the layout for some of the website I visited