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  • I *had been having trouble with setting the time format and posted a review on here that I thought it didn't work for some reason.

    Within *minutes* of my just posting my review, the developer had e-mailed a solution for me, which worked perfectly (I hadn't been selecting all the proper options). He also offered his help if I still had problems.

    A lovely little program for keeping the time and date at all times, if you want, on the desktop. Various configurations are possible, as well as having multiple clocks from various locations around the world simultaneously displayed.

    Astonishingly excellent service if you have any issues too.

    Had to fiddle around a while to get the time & date displayed the way I wanted to in the 'custom' settings (still not sure why it gave me a challenge), but perhaps this has more to do with my obtuseness than anything to do with the program :D
    Sorry you're having problems. Make sure you have the right thing selected in the 'Determines how the time is displayed in' dropdown box - you probably want 'statusbar/toolbar clocks', unless you're using icon mode.

    If you're still having problems, do contact us: https://foxclocks.org/contact

  • Es una herramienta muy util ya que quienes tenemos familiares en el exterior nos sincroniza los horarios a fin de determinar la hora real y conectarnos sin imprudencias....fantastico chicos!!!!
  • In the Add-Ons manager select FoxClocks settings, then in FoxClocks settings window select Extra/Settings again from the menu and look under 'position and look'. I switched the position setting from status bar to icon bar. Then rightclick on your menu/icon bar, select configuration and pull FoxClocks' icon from the top bar down to the status/addons bar. Now everything is just like it used to be.
    Would be nice of course if Andy would eventually update this nice extension for five stars.
  • I love this add-on, but I can not run the newest version on Icedove 38.5.
    I tried un-installs, resets, everything. No luck. As soon as I downgrade again to, everything is fine.
    Any idea why? The only other add-ons I have installed are:
    - enigmail 1.8.2
    - iceowl 4.0.5
    - manually sort folders 1.1
    - provider for google calendar 1.9
    I also tried with a fresh profile w/o any add-ons, same thing - 4.1.4 does not show up in the toolbar, is all dandy.
    Sorry you're having problems. I'm pretty sure this is due to Icedove using the same unique ID as Thunderbird, but a different name - there's a similar issue with Iceweasel. The workaround is easy, and I'll try to support Icedove in the next release.
  • http://www.ghacks.net/2015/12/16/what-you-do-when-firefox-disables-installed-add-ons/

    The setting in about:config referred to above will be removed in Firefox 44, as far as I know. My fix: I abandoned Fx 43 and installed Fx 38.5.2 ESR, as that will give me peace of mind for some more months.
  • Just upgraded from FF v42 to v43.0.1. Because the FoxClocks add-on is unsigned, FF has disabled it with no obvious way to re-enable it. Looking at the foxclocks.org website, it doesn't look like it has been updated in years (probably doesn't require much upkeep). However, the add-on is now unusable, so am giving it only one star. Update it so that it is usable again, and I'd give it 5 stars as it used to be a great add-on.
    Hmm. All the versions of FoxClocks hosted at addons.mozilla.org are signed, so I'm not sure why you're seeing that error. Perhaps uninstall and re-install from here? You shouldn't lose your settings. If you're still having problems, do contact me: https://foxclocks.org/contact

  • great job , does what's intended, very simple interface. nice city listing
  • Hi! Thank you for this awesome addon!
    I'm afraid that after I upgraded to 4.1.4 it stopped working. I cannot set it or see it either as a toolbar or in the status bar (with "The addon bar (restored)" or with Status4evar.
    HI Dario,

    Do you have the 'TestPilot' extension installed? This seems to 'break' FoxClocks? If you're still having problems, do get in touch: foxclocks.org/contact

  • 从3.4.14升级到4.02,原来设置好的地区及设置都没有了,都得重新设置,太麻烦了!为何不能保留之前的数据呢???而且也无法导入3.4.14的备份。FF40
  • just downgrade to previous FoxClocks version, disable auto update for it ... and then install Status4Evar
  • This is a great extension that I've had for years and found incredibly useful. I'm beyond annoyed that Mozilla's idiotic changes to Firefox - which are making the browser less useful with every iteration - have apparently rendered FoxClocks unusable. No matter what fixes I try I cannot get it to work in FF 40+.

    Thank you for a great add-on. It sucks that I can't use it any more.
  • Great extension, but since I upgraded to Firefox 40.0.3 I have been unable to update the timezone database for two days now. All I get is, "Error - try again later". This has been an issue since FoxClocks updated to version 4.0.2. UPDATE as of 0300hrs on 09/02/15: I reverted back to version and everything worked fine including letting me update to the latest timezone database which is 2015e released on 6/13/15. However, when I updated FoxClocks to version 4.0.2 it goes back to timezone database 2015d released on 4/24/15 and will not let me update to 2015e. I believe there is some bad code in ver 4.0.2.
  • Great addon but with FF40.0 I am getting this notice in the add-ons tab. " FoxClocks could not be verified for use in Firefox. Proceed with caution"
  • zeer handig
  • This used to be an awesome add-on!!
    I was able to keep track of time from my Facebook friends' locations - I had 4 different clocks on my toolbar at once!
    Now, with all the new FF updates, I can't figure out how to make this work!
    It was a real challenge to configure "Classic Theme Restorer" with "Colorful Tabs" to make them work - but I'm at a loss with this!
    PLEASE tell me how to configure FoxClocks to work!
    I'm ONLY giving this 1 star - to get the attention of the developer!
    Otherwise - 5 stars for when it worked!!

    Update, 5-14-17
    It works just beautifully, but the settings change every once in a while and I have to find all the cities and countries once again.
    Thanks, dev, for fixing whatever was broken.

    Sorry you're having problems. Mozilla has made a number of changes to Firefox which make extension developers' lives more difficult. Most recently they've done away with the Add-on bar/statusbar. You can restore it by installing the Status-4-Evar extension from here:


    Hope that helps!
  • icon just kind of disappears when i use customize on firefox beta 35.0
    so I guess it's broken for us.
  • Nice and usefull add-on. Please kindly update Time Zone database to latest (Time Zone Data v. 2014i (Released 2014-10-21)). I really need it.
  • After using the great info from Joe Siegler (dated Aug 1, 2014) to get FoxClocks to show up in the new version of Firefox, I was able to move FoxClocks back to the bottom thanks to Mozilla's help directing me to an add-on specifically designed to restore the add-on bar at the bottom. It can be found here: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/what-happened-to-the-add-on-bar

    Now everything is back the way I like it :-)
  • How do I get the clocks to show at the bottom of the browser window? I preferred it lower and to the right of the browser. I was in customize but couldn't figure out how to move it.
  • 1) Turn on Menu Bar - Right click in header and turn it on if it's not already on. If you don't see option to do so, you're not clicking in the right place.

    2) From Menu Bar, select "View | Toolbars | Bookmarks Bar"

    3) From Config option all the way to the right of address bar (looks like three horizontal lines), select "Customize"

    4) You should see a Fox clocks icon there. Drag it to where it says "Bookmarks Toolbar Items".

    5) Hit "Exit Customize". This will leave you with just an icon there.

    6) Right click on the Foxclocks icon (globe), and pick options.

    7) Change the option that says "Display in" from Status Bar to "A Toolbar".

    8) Make sure "Display as" shows as "Multiple Clocks".

    9) Hit OK, and you should see your clocks back.

    10) Go back to Item 1 and turn off "Menu Bar" if you want.

    This does interfere with the space used for Bookmarks in the Bookmarks bar, so if you were using a lot of clocks and a lot of bookmarks, you'll have a space issue in here now, but this will restore the clocks to permanent view.
  • Great Addon!!
  • I liked this addon very much.This addon provides different time zones.It enhances the usability of TB.Thanks for the developer.
  • 1. Click on 'Open Menu' which is on the right-hand corner, and click on 'Add-ons'.

    2. Find 'FoxClocks', and click on 'Preferences', then click on 'Tools', then 'Options'.

    3. Click on 'Position and Style', then on 'Display in', click on 'A toolbar (drag from 'Customize Toolbar' palette')', then on 'Display as', click on 'FoxClocks icon (hover to display clocks)', then click 'Okay', then exit.

    4. Click on 'Open Menu' again, click on 'Customize', then on 'Additional Tools and Features', you should see the FoxClocks icon, drag it to any position that suits you.

    And that's it.
  • ...for those of you havin' trouble with FF29.0 and FoxClocks, d/load Classic Theme Restorer (it brings back the addon bar) and it will work just fine...it did for me :)
  • Foxclocks is not working on FF29 again! I do not have the option under VIEW/TOOLBARS to add the new toolbar.

    Its driving me crazy as I use Foxclocks all the time to know what time it is in various locations I communicate with!!