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  • After using the great info from Joe Siegler (dated Aug 1, 2014) to get FoxClocks to show up in the new version of Firefox, I was able to move FoxClocks back to the bottom thanks to Mozilla's help directing me to an add-on specifically designed to restore the add-on bar at the bottom. It can be found here: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/what-happened-to-the-add-on-bar

    Now everything is back the way I like it :-)
  • How do I get the clocks to show at the bottom of the browser window? I preferred it lower and to the right of the browser. I was in customize but couldn't figure out how to move it.
  • 1) Turn on Menu Bar - Right click in header and turn it on if it's not already on. If you don't see option to do so, you're not clicking in the right place.

    2) From Menu Bar, select "View | Toolbars | Bookmarks Bar"

    3) From Config option all the way to the right of address bar (looks like three horizontal lines), select "Customize"

    4) You should see a Fox clocks icon there. Drag it to where it says "Bookmarks Toolbar Items".

    5) Hit "Exit Customize". This will leave you with just an icon there.

    6) Right click on the Foxclocks icon (globe), and pick options.

    7) Change the option that says "Display in" from Status Bar to "A Toolbar".

    8) Make sure "Display as" shows as "Multiple Clocks".

    9) Hit OK, and you should see your clocks back.

    10) Go back to Item 1 and turn off "Menu Bar" if you want.

    This does interfere with the space used for Bookmarks in the Bookmarks bar, so if you were using a lot of clocks and a lot of bookmarks, you'll have a space issue in here now, but this will restore the clocks to permanent view.
  • Great Addon!!
  • I liked this addon very much.This addon provides different time zones.It enhances the usability of TB.Thanks for the developer.
  • 1. Click on 'Open Menu' which is on the right-hand corner, and click on 'Add-ons'.

    2. Find 'FoxClocks', and click on 'Preferences', then click on 'Tools', then 'Options'.

    3. Click on 'Position and Style', then on 'Display in', click on 'A toolbar (drag from 'Customize Toolbar' palette')', then on 'Display as', click on 'FoxClocks icon (hover to display clocks)', then click 'Okay', then exit.

    4. Click on 'Open Menu' again, click on 'Customize', then on 'Additional Tools and Features', you should see the FoxClocks icon, drag it to any position that suits you.

    And that's it.
  • ...for those of you havin' trouble with FF29.0 and FoxClocks, d/load Classic Theme Restorer (it brings back the addon bar) and it will work just fine...it did for me :)
  • Foxclocks is not working on FF29 again! I do not have the option under VIEW/TOOLBARS to add the new toolbar.

    Its driving me crazy as I use Foxclocks all the time to know what time it is in various locations I communicate with!!

  • Keep crashing, please fix it.
  • Updated to FF 29.0 Beta and it stopped working.
    In Foxclocks 'tools' - 'options' I ticked the 'ststus bar option, meaning under 'view' I had to go to 'toolbars' - 'add-on bar'. Working fine now
    Strange behaviour... now the possibility to add status bar has vanished, it was there yesterday.
    The problem is now fixed, thanks!
    FF 29 no longer supports the 'Add-on' bar. I'm investigating alternatives.
  • I'm trying to update the time zone database in the option window, But the result is "Error -- try again later", even though my internet connection is perfectly fine. I'm now stuck on last year's daylight saving on/off control, and hence my clock is off by 1 hr.

    Anybody else have the same problem ? And fix ?
    Hi there,

    Sorry you're having problems. The first thing to do is make sure you're running the latest version of FoxClocks, which is currently 3.3.26. That should address the error message. If you're still having problems, have a look at


    Hope that helps. Regards,
  • Exactly what I was looking for! Simple and effective clock with time zone in status bar, love it! Thank you!
  • After being forced to update to the latest FF version, I had to reinstall this addon...and the experience in FF 66+ is HORRIBLE. For one, on this very page, the fake little status bar which is supposed to display the times isn't displaying--it's finicky and displays on some tabs and never in others, and it's a crapshoot which one you'll get--and for another, it no longer displays smoothly in the bookmark or status bar of the browser but has an ugly dark-gray color that jarringly sticks out from the bar instead. Here again I'm stuck using this addon as I really need it even though the experience is ugly. The highest praise I can give this extension is that it kind of works most of the time.
  • Working as advertised! Excellent!
  • This is a useful addon, since I want to know what time it is in Australia. Was it 5pm or 3pm? -Well this addon knows :)
  • Nice addon, always wanted a simple app to see time zones in different countries, this works great! Not sure about the two previous comments, works just dandy in FF 26, restarted the browser several times no problems, keeps settings, can customize time displayed and everything. Great job!
    Thank you! Much appreciated.

  • Custom format is not working @ firefox 24
    From the FAQ at http://foxclocks.org/faq,

    FoxClocks allows you to configure the statusbar/toolbar clocks, statusbar/toolbar clocks tooltip, and FoxClocks window clocks separately. When changing time formats in the Options window, select the appropriate entry in the ‘Determines how the time is displayed in…’ drop-down menu.

    Hope that helps. If not, get in touch at foxclocks.org/contact
  • Bastante Útil
  • FoxClocks 2.10.85. I have good UTC time from NTP.
    FoxClocks time zones for daylight saving fail changeover on the following year.
    Sorry you're having problems. Sounds like you might be running an older version of FoxClocks. If not, would you mind letting us know exactly what's going on? Details here: http://foxclocks.org/faq#diagnostics

  • Love this add on, but gave it up. I got really tired of having to reset it every time the devs did an update. I miss it, but will not install it until this issue is fixed.
  • I love this add on! Its great for getting on webinars at the right time when your in a different country.
  • Dear "Royalstar",

    Most, if not all, add-ons are products of the efforts of several contributors, who work for free to make your Internet a little bit better: amongst those are the developer(s) and – in this case – the translators. Volunteering translators are indeed needed, since you can't very well expect Mr. McDonald to know all the languages upon this Earth, and since add-ons don't translate themselves. So if an add-on hasn't been translated to e.g. Greek, the best course of action is to translate it yourself.

    Foxclocks is translated at BabelZilla (http://www.babelzilla.org/), a website where ordinary users can translate the add-ons (that are registered there) to their respective languages. Go there, register and start translating.

    And by the way, Greek isn't the mother of all languages. The language that presently is considered to be the mother of e.g. Greek (and all other Indo-European languages) is the reconstructed Proto-Indo-European language.

    Welcome to BabelZilla,

  • Dear Andy, I just saw the language availabilities.
    I am disappointed to see that, FoxClocks
    In Mongolian , In Turkish , in Spain Portuguese etc. But…
    Why not in the Mother of all Languages “ IN GREEK!!! “
    A GREEK.
  • Firefox 19.0 ⇒ 3.1.26 is not working. 3.1.25 is working.

    But it succeed in updating from 3.1.25 to 3.1.26.
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