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  • tuyệt vời
  • Really a great add-on that I used for a period of time until shitty Firefox quantum got released. Can you guys please make it work with Firefox version 56.0 too? Thanks!
  • Excelente herramienta para el trabajo
  • There is a problem with some pages where the status bar of this addon stays visible on top of the content and scroll bars
  • Version 5.1.5 works very well with Firefox (actual 63.03). Unfortunately not with Thunderbird (60.3.1). I could configure it, but no icon is shown in the menu bar: so it became useless and I deactivated it. It's a pity – I used this great add-on for a decade on FF and TB! Hope for a fix...
  • Can you port this excellent addon for Thunderbird 60 +
    (older versions (4.3.2) were working on Thunderbird 52.9 :) )
  • For legacy FF it was the best clock addon (until v4.2) .
    The last webextension version for modern FF or Waterfox is making this addon great again. :)
  • sehr gutes Add-on! Viele Einstellmöglichkeiten!
  • The worst drawback of this add-on is the stupid bar that needs to be set up either here or there, wherever it is possible, and it definitely disturbs the Internet :-( I would love to ask the authors of this add-on to do something about it :-( and they have made such an update so that you can click in the upper right corner only on this supplement to be able to see what is in a given country in a given continent, to be large and very readable with an electronic watch and also with a quartz watch and so that the user can choose what time the clock should be displayed it's supposed to be electronic or quartz and that this add-on is simple and easy to use so that large national flags with the names of different countries from different continents that are in this world are drawn
  • Causes several websites to reload again and again. Somehow broken... inunstalling it.
  • This is an incredibly useful and well-designed extension overall, but it doesn't play nice with some websites. For example, blogs.worldbank.org/ refuses to load if I have FoxClocks enabled—I've tested it a bunch of times and FoxClocks is definitely the culprit (I'd be interested to know if others have this issue or not).

    So I keep FoxClocks on for the most part, but if I'm having trouble with a site, disabling the add-on is one of the first things I try. Just an FYI for other (potential) users.
  • Was great, but for some time now there have been several sites I use which no longer work properly but worked in firefox safe mode and in other browsers. After going through all my add-ons I find that FoxClocks is the culprit so now I am uninstalling.
  • App allows access to data on your browser websites