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  • Different accounts use the same URL for the same website. There's no way to use this for multiple accounts unless the different accounts had different URL's. Or there need to be better instructions.
  • I like the purpose of this add-on, but gave it only 3 stars because it currently fails in its stated purpose to "Keep different kinds of browsing far away from each other ... ". It will automatically open a container when it detects a site assigned to it. However, once in a container, it will open websites in it that are not assigned to any container. I find that it's very easy to forget to manually open a new tab when going to a website not assigned to the container. When in a container and opening a website not assigned to it or another container, a new tab should be opened automatically for the new, unassigned website.
  • working great with multiple email accounts
  • It's usable I guess.
    The main issues it has are:
    1. when forcing a site to always load in a specific container, subdomains are never included. There should be a way to include them.
    2. After setting a site to always open in a container, there's an extra dialogue that appears the next time you open that site, which can sometimes render the browser inoperable.
    3. It requires a keybinding even if you don't want it to be set to anything.
    4. You can't make it so certain sites load in the default container.
  • Would give it five stars if there were an android version.

    Everything seem to work fine. Perfect for separating your google Drive, Docs, Gmail, Calendar and other services from the Google search engine. I have not encountered any major bugs but you should double check that the container that is set is opening the first time you're using it.

    I'm also using this plugin in conjunction with the Facebook container plugin to keep Facebook from snooping on everything I do.

    if you're using this plugin don't forget to log out from google before adding it to a container so your regular tabs isn't logged in.
  • This add-on should have been presented more clearly and with clearly marked, perhaps flashing letters, that it needed to be installed prior to the FB Container extension. The FB Container was recommended to me before this one was, so as I do not like nor want to use FB, I installed that container, based upon said recommendation. Then I get a message in my add-ons that the FB Container needs to have container tabs, and the containers already presented in this container extension were being shown to me before this one was even installed! I am not configuring this one until I have the time and I am ready to do so. I am so pissed!!
  • If you disable this add-on then your customizations to existing containers will be lost and any new container you added later will be deleted.

    UPDATE: Firefox just (13/2/20) added the sync functionality in this add-on which let's users sync customizations. Giving it 4 stars now. Will give another star if they add the functionality of limiting a container only to assigned sites.
  • Leider nicht intuitiv bedienbar. Ohne Anleitung keine Chance das brauchbar zu bedienen. Und wie kann man "immer anzeigen in ..." rückgängig machen? Müsste noch etwas aufpoliert werden.