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  • Ne fonctionne plus sur Flickr au moins, n'enregistre plus non plus les préférences.
  • Fais ce que j'attends de lui! Parfait!
  • Awesome extension. Still works after all the recent Firefox transformations unlike the other similar extensions out there. I say similar loosely because this one is in a league of it's own as far as user customization.
  • My favorite addition. I use daily. It helps in the work (ImageFap too ^_^).
  • Works great, I use it since a long time!
  • works beautifully
  • Firstly,this extension works fine on most sites I've visited. However,it's the only extension or PC app I have that ALWAYS has Malwarebytes Pro throwing up a succession of blocked fraudulent sites such as:
    cdn.adstract.com softexcellence.com survey-smiles.com track.freemmo.com friendlyduck.com along with others whose urls I can't remember right now,which is why I've knocked a couple of stars off. The PC is fully scanned early every morning for malware etc. and fortunately it appears nothing has got through....yet. I'd drop this (and others) in a heartbeat if ever Dta reappears in useable form,which seems increasingly unlikely,but it does the job for now.