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  • Ottimo
  • Not even an alpha state of readiness. Extremely slow, Doesn't work.

    Downloads (silently) cancel when they like, downloads are frequently bogus (far fewer images in zip than on page), etc. Not even close to worth using.
  • Awesome! Really helpfull!
  • Nice app very easy to use.
  • Does the job well, has many useful options, it's no Down Them All, may it rest in peace, but a really good replacement!
  • A great image downloader with heaps of customizable options ! Works very well once you know how...
    Remember to tick the filter boxes so they are active in the image search and consider what file & image sizes you require. Saving the images to a zip file is a nice touch too.
  • Download window doesn't fit in screen on Xiaomi Mi6. Please fix it
  • Does what it promises but it's generally bad.
    Only good if you want to download a lot of pictures from ONE tab. If you have multiple tabs you want to download from, then this is garbage for you.
    It's slow and saves as a .zip file.

    Also, why does this need a permission to "Access your data for all websites"? It shouldn't.
  • Beautiful Add on. Thanks for your time and commitment in making a great addon. Hope to see it being more and more perfected ha
  • It is perfect aside from one problem.
    ONE BIG PROBLEM: its downloading thumbnails
  • Realmente malo, solo descarga thumbnails y no las imágenes reales con su tamaño real
  • Пока отлично. Ждём развития.
    Сохраняет выбранные по фильтру снимки архивом.
  • Todo
  • Downloaded a zip file of images that say "please don't inline our images". Why does the extension not just download the files to my computer? I'm not looking for acceleration, just bulk downloads.
  • Outstanding