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  • Works well for downloading images displayed on a web page. It would be much more useful if it also handled thumbnails - download the image linked to by the thumbnail displayed on the page, not the thumbnail itself.
  • A really good image downloader, in general, with all necessary filter options.

    However, sometimes the program seems to be catching multiple images (say 50) but the zip file only ends up with a few (like 5) of them.
  • The one and only! You can download online AND offline links. They will be saved as Zip. And you will be asked first where to save the files. You would think there are as many extensions as there are stars in the sky but after searching over an hour I know better now. Thanks to the programmer!
  • oK
  • Did exactly what it says it does. Saves to a .zip in a folder in your download folder. I used it to extract an animated GIF that was protected by scripts that capture mouse events.
  • Works fine.

    I recommend it.

    (Could have been so easy to use as Down Them Al add-on, I believe the developers should reconsider the ease-of-use issue)
  • It works on my Windows 10 and macOS Mojave 10.14.2 machines, as long as I remember to scroll down to see the button row at the bottom. Still could use a bit of spit and polish, but it's getting close to the greatness that was DownThemAll.
  • It doesnt work on any web page at all
  • can't save anything! pop-up window closes itself too quickly before u can do anything... useless crap, wtf
  • Does what it says. Not the simplest interface, need to understand how it works, but once you do it is a great add-on