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  • Firstly,this extension works fine on most sites I've visited. However,it's the only extension or PC app I have that ALWAYS has Malwarebytes Pro throwing up a succession of blocked fraudulent sites such as:
    cdn.adstract.com softexcellence.com survey-smiles.com track.freemmo.com friendlyduck.com along with others whose urls I can't remember right now,which is why I've knocked a couple of stars off. The PC is fully scanned early every morning for malware etc. and fortunately it appears nothing has got through....yet. I'd drop this (and others) in a heartbeat if ever Dta reappears in useable form,which seems increasingly unlikely,but it does the job for now.
  • Excelent... need incorpored spanish
  • Not sure what the negative reviews are all about. Maybe a previous version had a bug. For me, this extension is incredibly useful and works exactly as expected.
  • Works pretty well. Sometimes it's a little bit slow, especially when using level 2 search. That is probably the reason that level 3 search doesn't exist. It would be nice if you could set your own default filters, because now they are reset every time.
  • nice
  • Merveilleuse extension si simple à utiliser et très pratique que je ne peux m'en priver. Merci pour votre ingéniosité !!!
  • Love this app. For some reason I can't find version for FF 61.0
  • worked pretty good until a few days ago. If you left it alone for about 10 minutes it would reset my filters but that's not that annoying. Now they reset EVERY. SINGLE. TIME! That still wouldn't make it useless and worthy of a 1 star but now every time I use it I have to UNCHECK your dumb-ass duplicate checker which thinks that EVERY IMAGE ON THE PAGE SHOULD BE DELETED!

    You earned this 1 star. I'm sure you can figure out where to stick it.
  • Honestly, it only about half worked to begin with. For no discernible you can't give it a default save directory, nor can you save images to folders, only zips.

    But lately, the ability to filter by dimensions has completely broken as well, so it really BARELY works, now. Basically, it only saves me to the time of click images one at a time to save since I have to go to do every single thing manually every time. Not much help.
  • This once worked, but not anymore. The images it "downloads" are just saved as files, not as a jpg, png, bmp, or any other image format.
  • Good work!
    Can customize almost all settings.
  • Very good. But it has a drawback that spoils it: It cuts the filenames that are longer than 30 characters. And unfortunately, such long names occur often. I search for but could find any option that allows longer filenames to be saved.

    BTW, I am not an Anonymous user! I have logged in to write this review! My name Alkis Piskas.
  • This extension is awesome!
  • Out of the box it does not work all the time best but slow is the 2nd search option because its able to find linked 3rd party image hosts and you need to set at least the minimum image size in filters ( I use 60000 )Some sites have image sets split over multi pages so it would be handy to be able to queue downloads
  • Works very good, never had any problems using it