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  • 5 stars because I have no big complaints and it's as easy to use as possible given that every option I'd ever want is there (link scanning depth, regex, filters on size / name exclusions, auto-naming templates, ZIP) - I don't think there's any add-on left that does all of that. I use the gallery preview all the time. So, it seems like the developer thought about everything.

    As for improvements, the UI could be a bit even more intuitive I think. Almost everything is perfectly clear to me, but I'm an advanced user myself, which is apparently the target class though.

    And I don't know what the other user was doing, but this add-on is not responsible for "redirects to websites caught by the AV", at least not since I've been using it for a few months. I'm sure some other software that user installed was responsible for those. This add-on is among the cleanest of my add-ons.

    Definitely warrants a contribution. If only all software was done with such thoroughness.
  • WARNING!!! DO NOT INSTALL THIS ADD-ON. Once installed, and when you begin to use it, it'll send redirects to malicious sites. The moment I began testing it, almost immediately, my AV went all bonkers with warning message notifications. Don't say no one warned you. I'll remove this review once the Author addresses the issue.
  • Ohidkhan71@gmail.com
  • Downloaded everything on Facebook BUT the album I was requesting.
  • Hello the developer,

    Just a suggested improvement.
    When I have a list of links pointing to images like the following link at http://citigate.invicomm.com/amsterdam/wp-content/uploads/sites/7/2018/11/
    I only want to open a new tab displaying a page with all these images related to this page of links so that I can spot one or several that I would like to open on a separate page.
    With your addon, I can do that but in several steps:
    click on the button for Download all Images, click on the button Gallery, click on the button open in a browser tab.

    Suggestion. I could RIGHT-CLICK on the button download all images and then I could have several options readily directly available such as the one I want: open in a browser tab [the images that are available from the list of links on the web page].

    Many thanks to the developer for this addon.
  • I had high hopes for this BUT I should have respected some of the other reviewers comments more.

    I set up 3 web pages of various levels of being tricky in how they hide images. Given the 1st basic image gallery, and after playing with the settings like file size, it worked, but so does every image downloader.

    The 2nd web page was a little tricky, but my usual goto Neodownloader (free version ) can handle it, BUT this couldn't, only finding about half the images, and yet still downloading other images that I specifically said don't download in the options.

    The 3rd web page goes out of it's way to hide images behind other servers and HTML pages on top of the actual images, and this software not only got nothing but created lots of unreadable empty/damaged image files.

    Bottom line, it says it can handle this and that but doesn't, the options interface is VERY unfriendly and took a lot of time to tailor... which it then ignored after a few goes, so very unreliable. It gets 1 star because unlike other reviewers it does have the option to save as individual files rather than a zip file, so I'll give it that.
  • In this moment this extension not work so good with page were you need log in (protected with userh & pass).

    After save the first round of images you will see that you need relog-in to the protect site for keeping save more images. So this need to fix with very urgency.
  • I'm afraid it just doesn't work that well. Doesn't download all the images on a page and sometimes downloads from the wrong tab. Needs work IMO.
  • Great job. But the '_' in filename was replaced with '-' after download.
    2018_10.jpg was renamed to 2018-10.jpg
  • The interface is not good for mobile adroid
  • Worked for Firefox (Adblock Browser) on Android, but was extremely clunky. All the unnecessary options should be hidden by default. The UI elements, like checkboxes should be bigger. The progress bar that says "saving" should be renamed "retrieving" as it doesn't actually save until you scroll down to the bottom of the panel and click "save". The Gallery should let you select images by clicking on them instead of a tiny checkbox. Gallery ought to be the default view.

    In the end, this did work. I was able to retrieve an image that Google Books wasn't letting me get a context menu to save. However, it would have been easier to just use the save media option from Firefox's built-in Page Info (control-I) on a desktop than to struggle with this extension.