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  • Quite useful to pull images from a web page, avoiding the need to save them one-by-one by the tedious right-click method. Be patient, learn its ways, and profit from the click-saving code. While the program does your work for you, you are off browsing another web site (but do not close the tab, whatever you do--that aborts the save!)
  • This is a very wonderful addon that can save images on Android. One possible improve is to optimize the interface in the portrait view, which is often useful on mobile phones.
  • I want to be able to download a webp image as jpg with a right click.
  • It is working great! Thank you!
  • Generally I am very satisfied, but: Typically I download a set of images (20-30) from the webpage. It is very annoying to get every time that warning about "more than 15 images". I would like to have a bit extended settings - to have an option for simple download or the zipped set, and maybe an input box to set the "limit", for which the warning is displayed.
  • it works well tho xD
  • Useless. Took an age to complete and afterwards I could not find the images. I checked Firefox' default download folder and also a couple of other places. There's nothing in the FAQ or options where they go and the 'Save in' options setting gives no clue, and doesn't start a save dialog even if it's set to do so. Unbelievable really.