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  • It works wonders
  • Version 3.0.3 breaks login function of hotcopper.com.au

    Adding hotcopper.com.au to exclusions list does not solve the problem.

    Will need to disable this extension until the problem is resolved, thanks.
    I click the login button, enter username and password and check the terms checkbox below and it seems to work fine. Can you recheck please?
  • This addon automatically accepts cookies:

    "Starting with version 3.0.2, this extension notifies websites about which cookies the visitor allows them to install. By knowing this, websites can skip displaying the cookie warning and act according to the given permission. As a result, you will be bothered by cookie warnings even less. "

    Privacy oriented users, please bear in mind the following:

    The Verge shows a tracking-consent message when visiting the site from the EU. Most people will click "I Accept" to make it go away, but if you don't and hide the message via CSS, you won't be tracked and the site is way faster: 32 vs 5 secs load time 61 vs 2 JS files 2 vs 1 MB


    Ublock Origin cookies block removes the CSS and does not accept the cookies, you can also use the element picker.

    [update: looks like I have no clue what I'm talking about, so I recommend you ignore my comment above]
    Ok, one by one...

    1. This addon automatically accepts cookies WHEN it is necessary for the website to function properly. Mostly it just hides cookie warnings.

    2. Quoted message has nothing to do with automatically accepting cookies. It is about notifying websites what you allow them to do so they may skip displaying a cookie warning alltogether if they want to improve user experience.

    3. Cookie warning on theverge.com is not auto-accepted, it's just hidden with this extension, so I don't know why you are writing about it.


    SMALL UPDATE: there may be some important features that don't work properly on theverge.com without auto-accepting cookie policy, just like on some of their partners websites. In that case I'd need to auto-accept it. For now, the cookie warning will just remain hidden.
  • Most of times works perfect. Thank you!
  • Thank you, this makes online life so much easier.
  • Good but needs a better method to not break sites. Currently twitter.com and tweakers.net are broken and the failure mode of landing on an unusable site leaving you with no clues is just awful.
    Tweakers.net works in the latest version. I don't get any reports about twitter. Like with any blocker, when you see a problem, you have to report it and disable the extension for that particular page/website, at least until it is solved.
  • The update pop ups are annoying.
    EDIT: Yeah, it pop ups once. Still annoying.
    The update pop-up is set to be displayed only once. There may be something wrong with your browser, ie if you use sandboxing or a single browser profile across multiple devices.
  • Works great! Kiko, could you please include this site to your list for uBlock Origin?


    Thank you.
    Sure! Thanks for reporting!
  • Пробовал заменить плагин подписками для ublock, но они отфильтровали мало предупреждений о куках. Этот плагин гораздо эффективнее. Не конфликтует с ublock, не оказывает влияния на скорость открытия страниц. Устанавливается в том числе на firefox для android.
  • Great add-on. Only issue here now is that the page https://tweakers.net/ stays blank / gray ...
    Yeah, I see it's reported to me, they have changed something on the website... It will be fixed in the next version. You may also let them to check which cookies you allow them to install and stop bothering you: https://www.i-dont-care-about-cookies.eu/cookie-installing-permission-header/
  • I am going to uninstall this extension unfortunately due to the send policy of sending custom headers to websites as explained at https://www.i-dont-care-about-cookies.eu/cookie-installing-permission-header/ (another reviewer pointed this out)
    You can disable that feature in extension options, there is no need to uninstall it.