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  • Love British spelling. Thank you.
  • Great add-on, thank you for this.
  • Excellent plug in. Thank you for all your hard work.
  • This is a breath of fresh air from the stifeld suffocating reach of google and its affiliates stealing everything you are and leaving you with nothing to conceal our identity like a newborn naked baby with no protection this the quick cure all the keys to freedom in anonymity I want you thank Firefox and it's team godspeed God blessing get Ghost
  • Thank you for maintaining and updating this educative extension! Working perfectly in Pale Moon.

    There is still a long way to go, I believe, but as long as I live I will keep on improving it.

    Starting on 2-DEC I will continue adding possessives to proper names, as I have only fixed the missing ones in the letters A-G... thousands missing I believe.

    Always remember that if you or anyone find any missing words that exist in the Oxford/Collins dictionaries, just send me an e-mail for analysis.
  • Nice
  • Correction on spellings when typing word
  • nice
  • The dictionary does not actively correct spelling while it is being typed and does not check grammar. Other than that it is a decent spell checker but only servers a purpose when Firefox's built in spell checker does not work for some reason.
    Hello John,

    What you ask for, "actively correct spelling" and "grammar check", are not possible with Mozilla spellers.

    For that you need Microsoft Word or OpenOffice/LibreOffice Writer, because they have an option called "autocorrect" which allows to replace words automatically (I am working on it for LibreOffice in Portuguese).

    The best you can do is to use LanguageTool with Firefox:
    Notice that the add-on for Thunderbird is kind of unmaintained.

    Also, have in attention that my GB speller is the official one for Mozilla:
    I am not sure if they are shipping it with the software though, which means that you probably have it built-in without knowing.
  • 5 stars
  • finally it’s working in Nightly too!
    It’s really a cool extension for a Grammar Nazi like me, I wouldn’t want to be caught writing typos or something :)
    Thank you Marco for your work!

    Thank you for your comment.

    One of the difficulties I was facing was the possessive forms in proper names (I was only adding them if found on Wikipedia).

    After someone opened a ticket in LibreOffice's Bugzilla, I had a conversation with a LO developer and he said that all proper names accept possessive.

    A few days ago I have improved my tool "Proofing Tool GUI" and in the next months I will work on the possessive forms.

    There is still a long way to go but we will get there.

  • Fantastic
  • This is one of the first things I install when setting up a new Firefox profile.
  • I have FF Developer Edition 52 and this spell checker was the only one that worked. Well done.
  • Was a ton of help, it teaches me on a passive level about the minute differences in US and British English.
  • I'm not a native English speaker but do need to communicate a lot with so many other people by writing in English here on the Internet, so this little tool has been one of my favourites of all time.

    Thank you for this precious work.
    The current version of the speller still hasn't been approved by LibreOffice for V5.3:

    The "problem" is that it has gone beyond MS Office and Apple and it accepts tons of words that don't appear in MS/Apple.

    On Monday I will try to annoy the LibreOffice guys on IRC.