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  • This is an essential part of using Firefox, why the hell do Mozilla not just include it in the UK version, it comes with NO ability to spell check, but the US one has the US spell checker which for us in England is rubbish - get a grip Mozilla, and add spell checkers for all nations not just bloody America!
    Thanks Marco for doing their work for them ;)

    I have been working hard on the speller during my holiday.

    I am trying to add as much possessives and plurals as possible and clean the .dic file by replacing words with flags (derivations), which is the reason why the add-on's filesize is the same or decreased in the last release.

    You can always check the list of changes here: https://github.com/marcoagpinto/aoo-mozilla-en-dict

    I have also taken the suggestion of a person who e-mailed me and am now trying to check Wikipedia articles more closely, mainly the ones from important fields so that if someone is writing an essay on a subject, they will have most of the words from that subject.

    Thank you for the five stars review, my dear brother.

    Kind regards,
  • Works perfectly.
    I had to remove my installed version of Firefox as I had installed the US English version (who knew!) and the US English version seems to default to US English and will not allow you to select UK English as it's default.

    Following reinstallation I installed the first English Dictionary in the Add-on list and it simply does not work.

    Having uninstalled that one and installed this one, I am pleased to report a now functional UK dictionary. Bravo!
    Thank you, my dear brother.

    In the next dictionary update around the end of the month, it will include tons of plurals and possessives.

    I have been dedicating some time to this task.
  • I find this ENGLISH english (not US) spellchecker brilliant. The only things it misses are homophones where I use the wrong spelling but that spelling is valid for another context e.g. great and grate . . . but no system can be expected to cover that!! I also like the way it works even when I'm filling in forms etc.
    Thank you my dear brother,

    If you have a list of missing words, please send them to me and I will try to add them in the next release.

    Kind regards,
  • Sehr gut
  • Pretty awful dictionary.

    Doesn't understand plurals of common words and doesn't even know words like customer. It gives a suggestion of custom er . Ermm WTF!

    EDIT: I am on Firefox Quantum 61.0.1 (64-bit)
    Will increase score if browser update / add on update fixes the issue.
    Yes, probably you aren't using it with the latest Firefox.

    Remember that Mozilla converted all spellers to WebExtensions and now it requires Firefox 62 or 63 and above.

    Only Firefox+Thunderbird 60.5 to be released on 29-JAN will support WebExtensions (60ESR).

    Only Thunderbird still has a legacy extension, but after 60.5 is released I will upload only WebExtensions.
  • The crux lay in the version of Firefox. To all who run into the same problem while using Leap 15.0 OpenSuse,
    this finally solved it y system had version 60 of Firefox, while it only ever works from version 63 upwards.
    Tried after regular (via add-ons in Firefox add-ons menu ) installing, immediately worked.
    By now you are probably in an asylum trying to regrow hair you ripped from your skull,
    embittered by the lack of help Linux users were able or willing to provide.
    You can come out now, retake your place in society, stop the foaming about the gob.
    All's well that ends well, thank you very much @dev, for the quick response and for ridding me
    of that linguistic monstrosity, the US " English" dialect, may it rot in all seven hells of legend.

    Mozilla converted all dictionaries here to WebExtensions.

    You must have the latest Firefox to be able to use them (V63 or above).

    Then follow the instructions on my guide:
  • Excellent that we have this dictionary. Shame we have to add it as an add-on rather than coming as standard in Firefox!
    I realise that Mozilla is a US organisation but think it's reasonable to expect fuller language support.
    There are some errors in this dictionary though: I noticed that words ending -ize are treated as correct whereas that is invariably the USA form, in Britain we tend to only use the -ise form.

    Thank you for your comments.

    GB also uses -IZE in most words according to the Oxford Dictionary (but there are exceptions).

    As a premium account holder of the Oxford Dictionaries, I have access to more information regarding the words, where it states in -IZE words "also blah blah -ISE".

    I wrote an example in the FAQ:

    But pressing the link there will only show the full Oxford description to premium users, persons who are just visitors won't see it. Nothing I can do about it.

    I believe that persons from Australia and Canada use -IZE and this speller can also be used by them.

    I am planning to create a module for my Proofing Tool GUI tool to allow future AU+CA maintainers to create a list of words to add and to remove in/from the GB speller, so that they can create high quality spellers for their countries, based on mine (it is in my TO-DO list)... what I don't know is who would be interested in such a hard task.

    My brother, kind regards!

    I will continue working on the speller.
  • Problem solved. My previous problem seems to be due to Firefox 61. Upgrading to 63 solved it. (For some reason Firefox did not remind me to upgrade, or I have missed the reminder….)

    Thanks for Marco's efforts and quick response.

    Could you remove the speller and readd it?

    There was a Thunderbird update that disabled the speller, not sure if it also happened with Firefox.

    Also, notice that Mozilla (Firefox) automatically changed all the spellers add-ons to WebExtension.

    This means, there are now two dictionaries:
    1) Firefox: WebExtension;
    2) Thunderbird: Legacy extension.

    I believe that 1) won't probably work with older versions of Firefox.

    If you have any issues reinstalling, please follow the guide:

    If it doesn't solve the issue, please send me a private e-mail to try to see what happened.


    EDIT: It is always a pleasure to help.