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  • Fantastic
  • This is one of the first things I install when setting up a new Firefox profile.
  • I have FF Developer Edition 52 and this spell checker was the only one that worked. Well done.
  • Was a ton of help, it teaches me on a passive level about the minute differences in US and British English.
  • I'm not a native English speaker but do need to communicate a lot with so many other people by writing in English here on the Internet, so this little tool has been one of my favourites of all time.

    Thank you for this precious work.
    The current version of the speller still hasn't been approved by LibreOffice for V5.3:

    The "problem" is that it has gone beyond MS Office and Apple and it accepts tons of words that don't appear in MS/Apple.

    On Monday I will try to annoy the LibreOffice guys on IRC.
  • The very beautiful add for the don´t speak English like me, isn't it.
  • Perfect especially as the other British Dictionary has many missing words which I had to add manually. This one just works out of the box and it's great someone is actively working on it. Now all we need is an addon which corrects the US English on webpages to British English.
    Thanks, my friend.

    I always struggle hard to do my best.

    Sometimes I am slow at doing something (like my PhD project and thesis) but I get the work done.

    According to my estimations, I will have the PhD software coded in November. Then, I need to finish writing the 300+ pages of the thesis which will be evaluated by my Professor and then translated to English since only two months ago I was told that the arguer will be an American Scientist (who can't read Portuguese).

    The university will take months to approve the project+thesis which means that the defence will only happen in 2017.

    After I have the course done I will dedicate even more time to this and other projects I am involved on. I have big plans for open-source projects. I am becoming an open-source activist.
  • Does exactly what it says on the tin
  • Regardless of what I wrote I want to thank you and your family for taking care of all those poor animals. It is a proof of gold heart and wise mind. Thank you very much.

    If this work is yours and my information was wrong I want to thank you also for your time spend on it. It is very good and it is big challenge to write dictionary in foreign language, even if you know it well.

    My version of the GB speller has over 22'000 new words compared to the one supplied by Mark Tyndall.

    I grabbed his version around three years ago and started adding/fixing/deleting words.

    That is why it is called a "fork".

    If you look at Mark Tyndall's version, you will see that in ten years he only updated it three times, and his updates were only to increase the compatibility version number with FF/TB.

    I noticed in your previous review that you have read my homepage. I don't hide it from people. I have taken a military masters and was the first civilian to finish it in my country. I have sent my CV to the Portuguese Intelligence Agencies but they never replied and I believe it was because of my site.

    If you were reading my homepage, please read:
  • Excellent so far. Works as described.

    Thanks for your hard work..
  • I love this dictionary!

    English isn't my native language, so it has nothing to do with me being British or anything, nor is it because I was taught (or learned myself - pretty much most of my English language, after 6th grade (I'm not going to confuse us both by trying to figure out what's the closest word for Finnish public education non-optional (well, generally - home schooling is an example of other ways) 9-year school's first 6 classes (we call them roughly translated "lower class" and "upper class", like "Dude, I'm an upper classer, now realize your folly and treat me like and adult which I'm not" :D), because our family bought the first computer in our household in 1991, between 5th and 6th class - while I was bummed that it wasn't a cool Amiga (just 500 would've been cool - my friend got one at same time, and really started learning anything more than gaming on it after he bought a PC, which was in late 90's so it was cool already, and really the only alternative - yes, nobody I know ever even considered an apple back then).
    But I learned a lot with that PC - one thing was that although the original OS (IBM DOS 4 + some weird GUI with IBM Works Office Suite, filemanager called dosshell.exe, tutorial and finally, one tile to get into command line - was all in Finnish, less than 1% of any kind of programs weren't - and most commonly they were English only. When my dad got pirated MS DOS 5, the ROM drive, which showed as D: drive, disappeared with all the IBM DOS 4, and from that 'til '95 (when we bought a new 75Mhz Pentium with, uh, Windows 95 (which I loved - I hadn't used enough of Win3.0 on that 286, I hadn't learned to hate it yet), almost everything including the OS was English.
    That's why I still today like to configure my OS to english, but my locale isn't set to en_US, it's en_GB. And it's not because how I learned English, because at school they teach us English the way it's in US, and all the programs defaulted to US English.

    It's funny how, at least to me, it seems that the whole world (outside Britain I guess) treat US English as the "proper" and "real" English, while British English seems to be treated as "funny variant, like the one Australians speak." That's just nuts, but what it's about for me, a man who probably writes more US than GB English automatically (which is why I wanted this dictionary), is that British English seems more alive to me. That's it to put it simply. Simply and shortly - yes, that's what this definitely was.
  • Works great and is constantly updated. I couldn't ask for more.
  • Thanks for keeping the dictionary updated.
  • I just want to say thank you for the effort you put into making this the best and most up-to-date British English dictionary.
  • Firefox has a long-standing bug where the user's spell check language preference is not honoured.

    A solution exists for Pale Moon users:

    about:config - spellchecker.dictionary.override;en_GB

    More info, and detailed instructions with screenshots:

  • great add on, i have to keep changing the language back in Firefox but hey ho, any words it doesn't know i just add.....brill
    Changing the language back is a Firefox and Thunderbird bug.

    You can send the missing words to me, so that I add them.

    I have entered feature freeze (no more words will be added for 1-APR-2015) and next week an update will be released.
  • Excellent work.. unlike mozilla themselves who cannot keep their own gb-en language pack in sync with their own current release!
  • Thank you so much for the 'British English Dictionary'.
    - I used to use another dictionary, but many words (just to name a few: "online", "uninstall", "toolbar", "tooltip") were missing in it and I got more and more frustrated.
    I really appreciate your investment, and truly enjoy the great result.
  • An excellent updated addon.The work involved is appreciated,thanks.
  • thank you for keeping this dictionary up to date, at least some out there who knows how to, cares enough to put the work in thank you very much its a great up to date dictionary
  • Thanks for maintaining and keeping it up to date!

    There are now three British English Dictionaries available. Just wondering if you could join your forces! :)

    From the three dictionaries, one is no longer maintained for as far as I can tell.

    The second one, I am not sure which (if any) new words are being added.

    My third one is released every month, although the next update will only have some dozens of words since I have been very busy.

    I wanted to make mine the default en_GB just like in Apache OpenOffice. But I don't know who can help in that.