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  • I just want to say thank you for the effort you put into making this the best and most up-to-date British English dictionary.
  • Firefox has a long-standing bug where the user's spell check language preference is not honoured.

    A solution exists for Pale Moon users:

    about:config - spellchecker.dictionary.override;en_GB

    More info, and detailed instructions with screenshots:

  • great add on, i have to keep changing the language back in Firefox but hey ho, any words it doesn't know i just add.....brill
    Changing the language back is a Firefox and Thunderbird bug.

    You can send the missing words to me, so that I add them.

    I have entered feature freeze (no more words will be added for 1-APR-2015) and next week an update will be released.
  • Excellent work.. unlike mozilla themselves who cannot keep their own gb-en language pack in sync with their own current release!
  • Thank you so much for the 'British English Dictionary'.
    - I used to use another dictionary, but many words (just to name a few: "online", "uninstall", "toolbar", "tooltip") were missing in it and I got more and more frustrated.
    I really appreciate your investment, and truly enjoy the great result.
  • An excellent updated addon.The work involved is appreciated,thanks.
  • thank you for keeping this dictionary up to date, at least some out there who knows how to, cares enough to put the work in thank you very much its a great up to date dictionary
  • Thanks for maintaining and keeping it up to date!

    There are now three British English Dictionaries available. Just wondering if you could join your forces! :)

    From the three dictionaries, one is no longer maintained for as far as I can tell.

    The second one, I am not sure which (if any) new words are being added.

    My third one is released every month, although the next update will only have some dozens of words since I have been very busy.

    I wanted to make mine the default en_GB just like in Apache OpenOffice. But I don't know who can help in that.