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  • Works perfectly.
    I had to remove my installed version of Firefox as I had installed the US English version (who knew!) and the US English version seems to default to US English and will not allow you to select UK English as it's default.

    Following reinstallation I installed the first English Dictionary in the Add-on list and it simply does not work.

    Having uninstalled that one and installed this one, I am pleased to report a now functional UK dictionary. Bravo!
    Thank you, my dear brother.

    In the next dictionary update around the end of the month, it will include tons of plurals and possessives.

    I have been dedicating some time to this task.
  • I find this ENGLISH english (not US) spellchecker brilliant. The only things it misses are homophones where I use the wrong spelling but that spelling is valid for another context e.g. great and grate . . . but no system can be expected to cover that!! I also like the way it works even when I'm filling in forms etc.
    Thank you my dear brother,

    If you have a list of missing words, please send them to me and I will try to add them in the next release.

    Kind regards,
  • Sehr gut
  • Pretty awful dictionary.

    Doesn't understand plurals of common words and doesn't even know words like customer. It gives a suggestion of custom er . Ermm WTF!

    EDIT: I am on Firefox Quantum 61.0.1 (64-bit)
    Will increase score if browser update / add on update fixes the issue.
    Yes, probably you aren't using it with the latest Firefox.

    Remember that Mozilla converted all spellers to WebExtensions and now it requires Firefox 62 or 63 and above.

    Only Firefox+Thunderbird 60.5 to be released on 29-JAN will support WebExtensions (60ESR).

    Only Thunderbird still has a legacy extension, but after 60.5 is released I will upload only WebExtensions.