1,784 reviews for this add-on
  • Great add on. Don't hesitate to give it a try.

  • Works Fast!

  • It is very easy to use and practical.

  • love it works great

  • Awesome!

  • Very handy!!!

  • wonderful, very nice, so much utility.

  • This extension is astonishing. Very handy, quite flexible, and clean. I am not a heavy user, but I use it 3 times a week, so I cannot honestly give it 5 stars, yet.

  • Excellent result! Easy to use.

  • Muy buen programa, pero puede mejorar mas

  • Excellence to using , Like it , Thanks

  • Been using for years. Does what I want easily and efficiently. Powerful editing tool.
    Its ...well awsome

  • Just incredibly useful to be able to save and/or forward selection of screenshots.

  • It works consistently well and has great flexibility. Took me a while to get used to the interface but it's worth the time. I've used others in the past but ASP is the only screenshot software I use now.

  • Very easy to capture part of a screen then print it. Use it all the time!

  • Very helpful and convenient.

  • Very helpful! One of my favorite extension!

  • Works great and free you can capture a selection or the whole page, then save and then click on print to automatically print it out. You can also download it as PDF with no problems. Very goopd and useful program.

  • fast and efficient. :-)

  • This I use a lot.

  • Simple. easy, cross-platform. Fun to use/works well.

  • to many clicks to do for a fucking easy job!
    Fireshot was more easy but sucks not more working...

  • For someone like me (somewhere far below knowledgeable windows user) this extension is easy to use and to mark up and save. I've used it for a little over a year without any problems or delay due to not quickly seeing how to do what I want. Does it all and does it better than a few others I've tried).

  • Very fast and easy doing.

  • Good work guys, But still need some improvements things like scrambled text lines when shot taken. If you can improve on that area, It will be the best App ever.

    Keep up the good work...!