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  • It doesn't work for me....r all these add-ons just for computers? Cuz none seem to work on my phone


  • The app doesn't work on my Windows 10 computer with a Brother printer. The selected area mode often scrambles lines and when printing a png I find large areas blank. Printing a jpg is even worse - large areas in black, using up huge amounts of ink.

  • This is so good to use....

  • I love it

  • Super Capture

  • I LOVE IT!!!

  • I use to download screenshot to Picasa for enhancement, great for genealogy studies

  • Awesome App! Works perfectly. Kudos to the dev team

  • works great !

  • I loved Scrapbook. Its nice to have something similar that works.

  • Totally cool.

  • What a totally Amazing prog...has delightful features & it works like a dream...i am So Grateful to the Creators and All who brought this to us...Thank You!

  • great for posting on social media or in email..........love it....!!!

  • I like it.

  • Very useful and helpful!

  • very good

  • Fantastic app! It has changed the way I capture and interact with photos from off the net. Now that I've found it, it would be hard to live without it! Get this one!

  • AWESOME, simple, quick and works very well.

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  • this is the best of the best add-on that have used from now on !
    i really like it !

  • Versatile, easy to use, no bs and does exactly as claimed. This in and of itself is rare enough, congratulations.

  • I always liked and wanted to get full sized images. I am not dead