290 reviews
  • Truly poor.
  • Barely amateur. It doesn't even capture the whole page. It takes so long to load the page, I wonder if it will ever get around to it. Other PDF converters put the full file's name in place, not merely the index/item no. that the web page uses. I can't even cut & paste the name I want, I have to rename after saving it. I don't need this kind of frustration!
  • bad
  • ne marche pas en local
  • Одно из 5 наугад поставленных расширений для сохранения PDF, которое сохранило большую часть разметки при экспорте!
  • Ad?
  • I don't know it have so may bad review, but it work perfectly for me. It's better than print native in firefox.
  • Ótimo Add-on e excelente suporte!
  • Can't develop a simple extension, for saving a webpage. Putting a pricetag of 13$, is useless. It can't even save the webpage.
  • Good plugin in general, but does not work completely on some pages.
    - Adds a tag at the bottom of each page (link to API: Pdfcrowd) but without distorting the source page.
    - Preserves hyperlinks in the pdf
    - Keeps images, except some (such as those hosted on other sites)
    Notice to developers: The link (on the About section) "Learn More " is broken.
    Bon plugin en général, mais ne fonctionne pas totalement sur certaines pages.
    - Ajoute une étiquette en bas de chaque page (pub vers l'API : Pdfcrowd) mais sans dénaturer la page source.
    - Préserve les hyperliens dans le pdf
    - Garde les images, sauf certaines (comme celles hébergées sur d'autres sites)
  • Precise CLEARLY that's is a paid extension.