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  • I lost all tabs when my computer crashes, can I recover it?
    For further, can I backup all my tabs to an individual backup file?
  • I love this App! It has helped me make Firefox so much easier to manage!
  • I can't live without this extension and use it way more than bookmarks. It's easy to get carried away, but that's testament to how easy it is to save sites for later.
  • all tabs gone - no chance to restore
  • even if this saves RAM, it CPUfloods more than its worth
  • Отличное удобное расширение, которое экономит память. Часто приходится открывать десятки вкладок, отложенные для просмотра на позже. OneTab собирает их в список на одной вкладке!
  • Tabs will be restored without its tab histories. I would not have even given it a try if only I had known this before. Very disappointed.
  • All I need for a tab holder.
  • Best one for organizing & Storing many many (many) TABS :))
  • OneTab certainly does a Fine Job!
  • This is perfect and amazing and full of useful features, like moving all the tabs into one firefox tab or window, even pinning it, and grouping the tabs in that window, naming them, locking them so that when you open the link you won't lose the tab in OneTab, EVEN being able to share all your tab links or a subgroup of your tabs to your frined via a generated link! just by installing OneTab and managing your tabs you can have a new firefox! It feels great to use it, DONT MISS IT.
  • 6 out of 5 stars for this addon! For all those pages I don't want to bookmark but still want to come back to OneTab is just perfect.

    Had to learn how to get my tabs back just today after a clean Windows 10 install. A little tricky but found the instructions and was able to restore them. Then I saw the export/import feature on OneTab itself. Had to look up how to use it, practiced a bit and found that it works a treat and I'll be making regular backups.

    Excellent, Excellent addon! Many thanks to the Devs!