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  • I love the product except for the space-hogging long-a$$ label stuck in front of the address bar with the name of the addon stuck in it. Were it not for that, would have given 5 stars. Blame marketing.
  • Thanks heaps, works like a dream, hate not being to disable bing
  • Even with solid dark background color you still get white flashes. Clearly this needs to be solved at a deeper level than waiting for some HTML & CSS to load.
  • 10*****
  • What's the point if the url bar is already filled and each time I have to clear it first to browse
  • very good,thank you!
  • Does not work with Firefox Quantum V. 68.0.2 - 64 Bit.
  • This add-on is slowing down my firefox 68.0.1 (64-bit on Win 10) big time. It was taking a couple of mins longer to load a webpage enabled, I disabled it, and it zips along as 100 Mbps is supposed to deliver. This add-on needs to be fixed, I'll have to find an alternative.
  • There are various version of this extension on the Mozilla Addons store, but this is the only one I've used that actually works properly.

    A certain other extension loads your url in the extension address space which breaks things.

    This extension works exactly as you'd expect.
  • This is a great add-on for me. I like my new tabs to open to a page I want. I was having some trouble today about it taking longer to open, so I removed the add-on and found that there was an updated version. It's back to working perfectly without a restart needed.