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  • Danke für diese sinnvolle Erweiterung.
  • wanna see a DONATE button on EACH tab forever? No !!
  • 感谢作者,非常好用。双击关闭标签页怎么设置?
  • UPDATE! FF renewed the relationship- LOVE!!! I loved this one, but FF doesn't allow it any longer- It would be nice it Firefox would allow it
  • https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/add-on-signing-in-firefox
  • Perfect. Thanks for this Sören! :)
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful extension. I love Google and to be able to have it as my default tab once more makes me very, very happy.
  • good
  • 很棒,可以自定义新标签页
  • Add on works but causes Firefox tabs to crash very often (about every 10 min). The tab you are in becomes completely unresponsive and your only option is to close it. Which is extremely annoying when you are in the middle of writing a comment on a website and you have to start over again.

    After I disabled this add on, the lock ups instantly stopped happening.