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  • werkt perfect. Heb gedoneerd. Niet veel want ik heb niet veel, maar het is het waard.
    Ik ben er super blij mee.
  • Very good
  • Works good.
  • FVD Dials has been the most buggiest bookmark tool on Firefox, Chrome, and Chromium browsers. It behaves irrationally by clicking a dial and it will go to a different tab without reason. Jumping to other tabs, the memu bar does not close. These are two of my pet peves with this service.
  • Doesn't work. When I select "Store Local File" it doesn't actually store the file, it creates a new file with its own scripts and icons to the file, and then tries to copy over the content.

    Even if this worked it wouldn't really be what I wanted, or what the user expects to happen.
    The local file option works for a specific use case but for more complex scenarios you have to set-up a local server or to host your file online. This is a WebExtension restriction and is not the fault of New Tab Override at all. Plus: there is a notice in New Tab Override which explains exactly this.

    To give only one star because the add-on does what the add-on says and with the knowledge that the add-on can't provide a better solution because of WebExtension restrictions is not fair at all.
  • simplissime et efficace, bravo !
  • I love the product except for the space-hogging long-a$$ label stuck in front of the address bar with the name of the addon stuck in it. Were it not for that, would have given 5 stars. Blame marketing.
  • Thanks heaps, works like a dream, hate not being to disable bing
  • Even with solid dark background color you still get white flashes. Clearly this needs to be solved at a deeper level than waiting for some HTML & CSS to load.
  • 10*****
  • What's the point if the url bar is already filled and each time I have to clear it first to browse
  • very good,thank you!