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  • Thank you so much for making it possible for me to use Firefox again. Also, thanks a lot for letting me know there are ~3.200 items on my reading list, this list is going to die after me.
    Haha you're welcome :) Might be time to go through the list maybe... but don't feel too bad, some users store thousands of items (even tens of thousands according to Pocket support!), so 3200 is not so bad actually! And thanks for your feedback, I'm happy you find the addon useful!
  • This add-on is brilliant! Finally I can use Pocket like a bookmarking service!
    Hey thanks! Glad you like it :)
  • Great extension! I was missing the option to save articles via the right click menu. With the basic Firefox integration I was forced to open new tabs to save articles. Not anymore! Thanks.
  • With this extension I don't need to keep a tab open for the Pocket website, and I can still use first-party isolation in Firefox.
  • Thank you for maintaining this - for some users the old Pocket add-on doesn't work, and even if it did work, I like the additional functionality that comes with your thing.
    Thanks for your feedback! The initial motivation was to provide a replacement to the old addon, but in no way I'm trying to replicate it perfectly. I try to add features that make sense, most of all. Glad you like it!
  • 旧ReaditLaterの挙動に似ています。

  • Only just found it. So far so good. Just the way Pocket ought to be (the way it was!)
    Thanks for your feedback! Glad you like it :)
  • Hey Don, I'd love to hear your thoughts about how this addon could be improve. You can ping me on twitter or through the support form (see on the addon details page for the link) if you want to chat about it!
  • Hey esault, sorry you got a bad experience with this addon. I'd love to know more about what you didn't like. Don't hesitate to drop a message through the contact form (https://pabuisson.wufoo.com/forms/zi5scw41v368kr/) and help me make the addon better!
  • Not bad. I think the main feature that is missing in the "new" pocket that mozilla implemented was offline reading. Your documentation does not mention if it has implemented that feature or not, you should probably post that also in case any other person wonders. I downloaded mainly to check for the offline compatibility but it seems that you have not implemented it yet.
    Thanks for your feedback. Indeed, I've not implemented this and you're the first user asking for this feature, tbh. I added this to my todo list and will reflect on this, I don't expect to add this feature shortly though. But I keep it in mind nevertheless, since this could be a great feature. Thanks again for your review.
  • nice add-ons
    thanks pierre
  • Great work!

    I have one request.
    Although the buttons are not highlighted for the articles moved to the archive, I want them to be highlighted with different colors.
  • Works really well. Awesome job!

    When disabling pagination the list gets ordered from older to last added, I would rather have the opposite. As mentioned by other people already, I would be nice if there was a button to Pocket's My List.

    Keep up the great work!
    Hi and thanks for your feedback! I had other users complaining about the broken ordering, and it seems related to disabled pagination indeed. Thanks a lot for pointing that out, I'll issue a fix tonight since this is not the expected behaviour
  • Have been using this extension since it came out. Latest release just today or yesterday now causes the list to be sorted different. It used to be most recent was on top. I think it is not reversed, meaning I have to go to the bottom of the list to see things I just added.
    Can't find any option to sort.

    Hi, and thanks for the feedback. I've not changed anything in the item sort section so this is not supposed to happen, and I can't reproduce the bug so far. A user reported this today on the project repository, you can find the issue here, with 2 propositions I made to try and solve this : https://bitbucket.org/pabuisson/in-my-pocket/issues/15/pocket-list-ist-display-backwards-oldest

    I will try to investigate this and will keep the issue updated. Sorry for this.
  • Hi! I'd really love to know your thought on how the addon can be improved, since you don't seem to find it useful for your needs right now. Feel free to contact me through the "Support Site" link on the addon page (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/in-my-pocket/), and tell me more about it :)
  • Nice addon, only things it could use are a button to open Pocket profile/queue page and the ability to add an item to favorites.
    Thanks vertigo for the feedback!