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  • Supprime la plupart des bannières d'autorisation de cookies.
  • Thank you for this!
    Been using it for a few months and haven't noticed a single warning yet.
  • Awesome!
  • Great add-on, thanks!

    Rating: 5/5
  • Au temps pour moi, le problème vient de Quantcast depuis l'application du RGPD.
    J'ai installé une appli qui me redonne le contrôle de certains cookies sur ces sites pourris : https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/qookiefix/
    Je garde "I don't carre..." car il fait bien son boulot sur les autres sites.
  • Macht was es soll, bin positiv überrascht, sehr zu empfehlen!
  • Does what it says and doesn't break anything else, THANK YOU!
  • Thank you very much!
  • These cookie prompts are now more annoying than ever. Because of the GDPR you now have to go through a stupid settings page, it is no longer just a "this website uses cookies" prompt usually at the bottom of a page. Now you get it in your face every time you clear your cookies!

    Thanks for making the web in the EU less annoying!
  • AMAZING. This solves a problem that has been irritating me for weeks. Thank you!
  • Heerlijke addon, heb ook gedoneerd :)

    Delicious addon, also donated :)
  • Szuper! 99%-ban letiltja ezeket az unalmas figyelmeztetéseket!
  • Cannot access forbes.com, how do i fix??

    Unfortunately, "I don't care about cookies" extension is unable to remove the cookie warning on this website. Please whitelist forbes.com to be able to continue. Thanks!
    Whitelist it. Right click on the page > "I don't care about cookies" > Disable on forbes.com
  • I have Firefox set to reject all cookies (except for sites I manually add to Exceptions). This works surprisingly well and I rarely need cookies enabled to surf the web. For the sites where I need cookies, I add them to the exceptions list in Firefox. Those cookies gets deleted when I close the site tab (using the Cookie AutoDelete extension).

    This works very smoothly but I did have the problem of Google popping up dialog boxes I needed to accept every time I used them for a search). This extension got rid of that dialog box which is wonderful since it was pushing the results down when it loaded using Ajax a second after the search results.
  • besser als lästige Klicken