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  • Cannot access forbes.com, how do i fix??

    Unfortunately, "I don't care about cookies" extension is unable to remove the cookie warning on this website. Please whitelist forbes.com to be able to continue. Thanks!
    Whitelist it. Right click on the page > "I don't care about cookies" > Disable on forbes.com
  • I have Firefox set to reject all cookies (except for sites I manually add to Exceptions). This works surprisingly well and I rarely need cookies enabled to surf the web. For the sites where I need cookies, I add them to the exceptions list in Firefox. Those cookies gets deleted when I close the site tab (using the Cookie AutoDelete extension).

    This works very smoothly but I did have the problem of Google popping up dialog boxes I needed to accept every time I used them for a search). This extension got rid of that dialog box which is wonderful since it was pushing the results down when it loaded using Ajax a second after the search results.
  • besser als lästige Klicken
  • Does one job and it does it well, so far I've only found a single website where the extension doesn't work and that is Forbes. If you try to access pretty much any page of it you are going to get the following message, "Unfortunately, "I don't care about cookies" extension is unable to remove the cookie warning on this website. Please whitelist forbes.com to be able to continue. Thanks!".
  • Arbeitet bestens, allerdings nicht mehr mit FF61. Kommt ein Update?
  • Der Titel hält, was er verspricht: Der Entwickler kümmert sich nicht um Cookies, auch nicht nach rund 100 Meldungen einer bestimmten Webseite.
  • Ha dejado de funcionar ,en la web de confianza ,que antes no salia la advertencia de aceptar cookies ahora si salen ,por lo que lo he desinstalado
  • Well done!
  • Bravo Kiko!
    Please don't care about people which have to be informed about anything and nothing before using simple a product or take a decision.
    As you said just consider the benefit / risk ratio. Let the people assume themself, before writing ridiculous laws who are more invasive in the private live than protection they should bring.
  • Bravo Kiko ubico ;)
  • FF 52 ESR. Really great extension, those cookie warnings are so annoying, especially if you delete your browser history frequently, it's priceless to get rid of them!
    BTW I made a donation to support the developer, he deserves it!
  • I can finally watch shows without manually removing the pop up each time with the development tool
  • La RGPD rend le contrôle des données privées aux utilisateurs d'Internet. Utiliser ce module revient donc à accepter "bêtement" tous les cookies, même les plus intrusifs et rendre disponible toute sa vie privée, tout en perdant conscience des risques éventuels.
    A se demander si de tels logiciels ne sont pas conçus et proposés par les plus grands bénéficiaires du vol des données privées...

    The RGPD makes the control of private data to Internet users. Using this module is therefore to accept "stupidly" all cookies, even the most intrusive and make available all his privacy, while losing awareness of potential risks.
    To wonder if such software is not designed and proposed by the biggest beneficiaries of the theft of private data ...
    I respect your opinion. However, as someone who protects the privacy in many more practical and sufficient ways, I don't want to click the same cookie warning button on 150 websites daily, nor read privacy policies all day long.

    Don't get me wrong: I am all for the privacy protection. I just think displaying a cookie warning everywhere is not a good and practical solution. You don't want to be notified about dangers when crossing the street and asked to agree or sign the document which states all the dangers of it, right? It would be too much, because you already know it, and you don't want to waste time you don't have, right?

    The same goes for internet privacy: education is the key - the right kind of education which takes place in the right kind of institutions and not on the websites themselves (for some websites, it's almost like forcing a thief to explain what he's going to steal from you on purpose).

    Btw, this extension is created long before the GDPR :)
  • kiko thank you for this addon and thank you for your updates........your updates are very important!
  • This is so good!
  • Bloque une bonne partie des messages sur l'utilisation des cookies.
  • Works great, THX!
  • it's broken now for firefox.
    It blocks what and where exactly?
  • I love that it deletes cookies that I want deleted, but I HATE the constant notices at the bottom telling me how many cookies it deleted EVERY SINGLE TIME I CLOSE A TAB... Very annoying.
    I think you're giving a review of an another extension :)