492 reviews
  • Thanks.That "accept cookie" thing is worse then ads
  • Een essentiële extensie die je heel veel clicks bespaart.
  • It works pretty good, but requests too big permissions like access to logins and passwords among many other. Can not find the link to open source platform like Github.
  • An incredibly useful extension that finally makes browsing the Web a delightful experience. Just don't forget to block those evil tracking cookies in Firefox!
  • A utiliser conjointement avec l'option de suppression automatiques des cookies a la fermeture de FF, sinon, trop dangereux de tout accepter.
  • TI AMO.
  • The EU really is the worst and this add-on helps mitigate the idiotic EU regulation.
  • Cannot Firefox without it! It destory's those annoying God forsaken horrible Cookie notices.
  • werkt prima, gelijk van dat gezeur af.aanradr accepteren moet j toch