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  • Since the latest update it's not possible anymore to scroll on any website of www.pcwelt.de
  • We realy dont care about cookie thx for your work!
  • working as of 14 Feb 2018
  • Excellent addon. My only gripe is that disabling the context menu doesn't work. If one unchecks the option and navigates away and back or reloads the options page, the checkbox is checked again. FF58 release x64.
    I tried it in FF 57, 59, 60. It seems to works fine.
  • Fonctionne parfaitement
  • è un addon molto semplice ed efficace
  • Works on 1GB RAM tablet, without letting me know about itself or cookies. Only when I switch to someone else's device, then I know how much mother EU cares about my safety. All hail to the hypnoto... I mean to the IDCAC!
  • gli darei 25 stelle!!!!!
  • Daaaaaaaanke!!!!
  • Worked fine untill I upgraded to Firefox Quantum. I can't see/find the add-on's icon in the taskbar anymore. I have it enabled and I don't get any notifications when I close a site or something. Something tells me it isn't functioning properly? Support would be nice

    EDIT: SORRY! I made a mistake and confused this add-on with the 'Selfdestructing Cookies' add-on.
    I also have Firefox Quantum and it works properly. There was never an icon in the taskbar, only a submenu in the context menu. Please check your settings in about:addons. If it doesn't work, try to remove it and install it again. If it still doesn't work, please contact me by email (author@i-dont-care-about-cookies.eu) with the details.
  • A+
  • Perfetta. Fa quello che promette.
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