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  • Works fine.
  • Works for most of websites, seems to not work on twitch tho'

    Edit : It's a streaming plateform, warning about cookies keep poping when logging to a streamer (mainly for using their chat function for example)
    What's twitch?

    Edit: thanks! I found it. It will be gone in the next version ;)
  • Does what it says on the box 100% well.

    Doesn't seem to work on the new Firefox Quantum, I hope that'll be fixed shortly?

    Edit: Samsung Galaxy S3 - Android - Firefox Beta 5.0b3 - I am still asked to acknowledge cookies.
    Edit2: Sorry, nm, it works fine on Firefox 57.0. Wasn't sure if that was supposed to be the new version, seems it is.
    I also have it (Firefox Quantum, 57.0, 64-bit). It works just as fine as before.
    Edit: Firefox Beta 5.0b3 is 6 years old. You should update you firefox :)
  • awesome!
  • Works perfectly.
    Thank you.
  • I'm installing this extension to get rid of unwanted notifications so please, don't show me a notification every time it gets updated u_u
    No one cares.
    It does the job though, so 4 stars.
    I am not showing a notification on *every* update, only when I have something important to say, plus one call for donations every year. I believe you would understand that if you'd just knew how much time is needed to maintain it.
  • Brilliant! Doesn't get in your way and saves you a lot of unnecessary mouse clicks. Using it quite a while now, it has proven to be very reliable in all FF versions, up to FF58 nightly.
  • A great add-on, but I prefer the list for content blockers (see the official extension website).
  • In the past (before the last W10 fall edition) it works very well. Now it didn't work anymore. :(
    your browser version may be too old, please try to update it. if the addon doesn't work after that, contact me by email (author@i-dont-care-about-cookies.eu)
  • Beginning testing in nightly (58a, early oct. 2017) after webext port. This was one of the things hat prevented me from updating FF. Thanks for an excellent update ! Good work !
  • eramente utile per togliere quei fastidiosi avvisi a ogni pgina dei si in cui abitualemnte vado.
  • Muy útil.
  • Bez tego dodatku jak bez prawej ręki.