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483 reviews for this add-on
  • Fantastic

  • I would NEVER use this extension ever again since it was the one that directly responsible for placing Opencandy on my pc. The ONLY issue I had on my pc in Years. OpenCandy is an Adware module classified as malware by many anti-virus vendors. They flag OpenCandy due to its undesirable side-effects.

  • Helps when I write my English papers and other things to help check grammar and spelling

  • Ayuda a mejorar tu redacción.

  • Near perfection, some errors are encountered with certain text boxes that need to be resolved, though these aren't major.

  • This one is periodically sending "LOGS" to

    So watch out!

    Dev/s any explanation for this?

  • This tool is really making my writing much easier. Doing After Action Reports, as well as, filling out Standardized Report Forms, including, but

  • The Grammarly addon is broken for online editor. I have a really bad experience on Grammarly ever since I shifted to Quantum from Chrome. On Chrome it worked just fine, but here it needs more work. Hope the developers patch this.

  • Not as good as LT, which catches more errors and do not need registration.

    Well, it's not bad either, I'll give it a 3-star.

  • excellent

  • One of my favorite add-ons. Works great and is essential for writing in Firefox!

  • Its cool

  • Grammarly for Firefox works as well as it does on most other platforms except for When I use it at as an agent it will create this blank white space above where I type that covers the email address sections so I am unable to change anything. I know it's grammarly because if I disable to extension the white space covering the To: section goes away.

  • It's a really helpful extension and it corrects a lot of stuff that I usually just leave as is and forget about, I highly recommend this even to people who think they are experts at grammar, because I thought I didn't need it but a lot of mistakes have been caught by it and proven me wrong.

  • Worked Great with Chrome! Testing it out on Firefox...

  • It is fine when it kicks in automatically but it sometimes doesn't work even though it is turned on.

  • Good app

  • The best option out there, a real shame is not available in more languages.

  • French grammar version?

  • Although it was in "featured" section, but when it asks for permissions, it asks to access all my data on all website which is quite suspicious. Will it access my passwords and login details as well as bank information as well?

  • You need to sign up for basic features like per-site toggle, personal dictionary, etc..

    Also, it didn't work when I was writing this review.

  • Spell check is highly inaccurate even allowing for differences in US & UK spelling.
    Grammar check is a hoot.

    Last and most critical application inserts promo codes that really dick up the results to the point I'm getting error messages for the extra codes.

  • Grammarly is a useful tool for anyone and everyone - not just those who are English majors, novelists or anyone else in the writing realm. As someone who writes and types a lot online for school, Grammarly has been useful in fixing my errors! If I am hastily taking notes for class, writing an essay, or completing an assignment, Grammarly has gone in and shown me where my errors are, and automatically has suggestions for those mistakes. It is such an easy add-on to use, and is not intrusive nor annoying to have. Grammarly has been one of my favorite add-ons that I've used, and that is saying a lot.

    We all type quickly and often don't really take the time to look back at what we do type, so Grammarly is an efficient tool to use to fix those mistakes. I would definitely recommend it for any and all people.

  • 20171009-Mo., …: up'd. The Firefox extension, ‘Grammarly’ reminds me of ‘Writers Workbench’ / WWB (at AT&T / Bell Labs).

  • I have been trying Grammarly Permium for a year.
    I use it on an every day basis for my work. I type fast and make lotso f typos. So, yes it does work, but it is not perfect. A user with no gramatical knowledge could be compromised at times as it gives atlternative words and substitutions. Of all the grammar tools it's the best. A lot of workd still needs doing to be 100% accurate. I like it, and I send them feed back when I see something odd or something that could be more fluent sounmding. Good response tieme on behalf of their customer services. I'm satisfied, I know in a short space of time they will be number one.