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  • It is very bad... Lie is non-useful...
  • RSS is back :D
    There is many options but i'd like to see "mark as read when clicked" and UI translation
  • Installed to replace the gone native feedreader.
    In one word: yuck.
  • Very good. Only missing thing is full text like in Inoreader and a sidebar view like the removed Live Bookmarks of Firefox. If you add those than it would be great addon.
    Feedbro has built-in partial feed->full text feed engine. Right click the feed in the feed tree, select Properties and then experiment with the "Feed Entry Content" setting (change it + click Preview). Then Save. New articles loaded after that will use the new setting.
  • i love this! thank you so much :)
  • To be able to replace the Firefox RSS / Atom build-in reader that got lost along the way, this (or another feedreader) should seamlessly synchronize the feeds between all my browsers connected to Firefox sync
  • Great add-on which can be configured in all ways I need. I especially like the rules I can define to delete articles automatically I'm not interested in.
  • I am using it comfortably from Fx64.

    I'm really happy with RSS surroundings.
    Just around the left sidebar, it seems that there is only one file D & D for sorting, but I would like this to support D & D with multiple files and hierarchical organization with directory.
    Thank you for providing a comfortable tool.

    I wrote English sentences using machine translation. The following is Japanese original text.



  • Wow this feed reader is even cooler than Firefox's old one! I'm a happy person
  • Does it's job well. thought this would be less useful than it is. I am happy that this has worked out better than I'd hoped for. Easy to use and customize to my needs.