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  • Unfortunately, I cant use it only with keyboard, because page up/down in the middle panel doest work with keyboard (neihter spacebar nor pageup/down-keys).
    Is there a way to get this functionality?
    Please see Feedbro help for a list of keyboard shortcuts. You can open the Help by clicking the ?-icon in the Feedbro toolbar. You can use j/k or shift-rightarrow/leftarrow to move between next/previous item on the list.
    Page down/up and space bar affect the actual article view in viewmode 3 as intended.
  • удобное во всех отношениях дополнение
  • Very nice reader. Only two remarks:
    - Newly added feeds should not be marked as unread, since the user just visited that feed to add it, thus is aware of its content.
    - A more symbolic icon would make the addon look more modern (I can help if you are interested, reply, I will check this review and get in touch)
  • RSS, Atom, RDF has been progressively marginalised over the years by big corporations. Wonderful to be able to make use of this fantastic extension to get back our feeds in browser so conveniently and powerfully. Thank your dev!
  • Классное дополнение, но есть одно НО! Хочется чтобы в любом из режимов отображения можно было найти подписки на открытых вкладках. И тогда будет 5 звезд, однозначно!
  • The best feed reader out there! Great work!
  • Probably the best rss feed extension I ever used so far. Each new feeds are grouped into their respective group to avoid clutter, also we can put some rules on incoming feeds.
  • Really nice! The only thing, i miss, is an entry "Open all unread items in new tabs" in the context-menu of the feedbro-icon...
  • The best of its kind. Thank you.
  • I like it, easy to setup and easy looking except that I cant find how to make it show only "Titles" and not all the page for each feed, so I keep scrolling to see all my feeds. Maybe I didn't find that option if you can advise.
    You can change view mode with the toolbar buttons. Titles-only view can be also activated with keyboard shortcut '2'. See Feedbro help for more tips.
  • look ok: very manual setup; not particularly visual

    doesnt support redit rss feeds
    Feedbro does support Reddit feeds but they don't work if you have "Trackers" set to "Always" in Firefox options. This setting blocks all XMLHttpRequests to Reddit. You need to set it to "Only in private windows" because Firefox still doesn't support whitelisting of sites.
  • This is just an AWESOME add-on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Malheur à Firefox 64 qui nous a supprimé le suivi natif des flux RSS !
    Mais voici Feedbro pour nous sauver !
    On peut consulter les flux rss des sites qu'on préfère sans passer par les marques-pages traditionnels et de plus l'interface de Feedbro est claire et simple d'utilisation !

    Firefox 64 has removed native tracking of RSS feeds!
    But here is Feedbro to save us!
    We can consult the RSS feeds of the sites we prefer without going through the traditional bookmarks and further the interface of Feedbro is clear and easy to use!
  • Feedbro is a fantastic piece of software. I would change my rating to 5-stars if there was a setting to remove "X-Frame-Options" from web request headers. This ideally should be turned off by default. It would allow Feedbro to load feeds such as Reddit or Microsoft's .NET Core blog.
    EDIT: Feedbro 3.41.7 now supports X-Frame-Options modification so view mode 6 should work for all sites.

    Note that you have to set "Trackers" setting to "Only in Private Windows" in about:preferences#privacy if you want to load Reddit feeds. This is because Firefox has an internal "tracker list" where Reddit is blacklisted. So Firefox blocks all XMLHttpRequests to Reddit if you have Trackers setting set to Always.

    Other than that I guess your comment is valid especially for view mode 6 (embedded iframe view). Some sites send HTTP Response headers that prevent embedding their site in an iframe. We'll check if it's possible to get around this without introducing performance penalties or other side effects.
  • Very nice reader. There are a few things that are bugging me though (firefox 64.0 x32):

    I have selected for it to show only unread messages, but when I mark an entry as read, it will not disappear until I reload the feed, folder or whatever. Is that intentional?

    In the 5th view at least, clicking an article text will expand it, but clicking it again won't make it return to its original state. So depending on the feed I'm stuck with giant images. (e.g. http://www.computerbase.de/rss/news.xml)

    Also, having a way to inject custom css and js would be nice.
    1. Yes it's intentional that items marked as read aren't hidden right away. This gives the user the possibility to "undo" the mark as read operation.

    2. That's true. Note that you can collapse by pressing Enter but currently "closing by clicking" isn't supported. This is because closing isn't really needed and a careless attempt to click a hyperlink in the article could result in collapsing the article which could infuriate some users (we tested this :)).

    3. Custom CSS support would be easy to implement but the CSS hasn't been very stable (we have changed it a lot along the way) which could easily lead to breaking custom CSS configs and an avalanche of support requests and complaints. So it hasn't been implemented so far. We are open to all UI improvement ideas though.