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  • Feedbro popup doesn't follow selected theme colors...it always white...and no way to export Feedbro custom settings...please add. Thanks!!
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  • It repairs what Mozilla destroyed, build-in rss will not be forgotten.
  • Great Feed Reader

    ps. future-> auto backup .opml to Google Drive/dropbox ...!!!!
  • très commode à utiliser
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  • update!
    Thank you for considering more light themes.

    I checked the popup size again and it looks like even though the font size is changed the size of popup didn't actually change as much as I thought. Sorry for the confusion! You can change it back to previous bigger font size if you want (in fact I think I'm in favor of your bigger font change now too as it did make titles/text a lot easier to read). Ability to change font size for the popup in settings page could be a good addition. Thanks again for the splendid addon!
    Thanks for the feedback! We'll adjust the popup text sizes and are working on a new theme. Setting for the font-size is a good idea and could be implemented. Expect to see improvements also to view mode 2 very soon.

    Edit: Feedbro 3.41.2 (just released) has a new theme called "Chill". It's light but less bright than the "Light" theme.
  • Does this one rush to update all feeds at once? I mean, I have, let's say, 50 feeds from a certain website and updating 50 in one moment results into "service unavailable" errors for half of such feeds.
    What does "Feed update threads" option do? Is it what I ask about, or not?
    As the tooltip for "Feed update threads" select box says, it defines the maximum number of concurrent threads when updating feeds. Thus the scenario you describe is not possible.
  • My first feed reader, very nice indeed... i'm just wondering why every feed just records 10 entries, even after setting "Maximum entries to save" to 50 or 100
    If you open the feed in a normal browser tab, you can see that the XML content contains only the latest 10 articles. Feedbro can't initially load more articles than the feed provides. Later when new articles are published, the old ones are preserved until the "Max entries" number is reached. After that the oldest article is removed.
  • Very good but this addon has an important problem for me. The folders aren't visible in the popup. You show a list of latest articles in the popup but everything is mixed and it's not sorting by folders. It's disappointed. I change by 5 stars if the folders are used in the popup. I will use feeder while waiting :(
    If you prefer the popup view, then there's the "Open Explorer" menu which will show the folder structure.
  • Excellent, until FF 66 : the "right-click for options" (on a feed title) seems to no longer work. The popup appears but closes when you release the right-click (in order to left-click & select the option)...
    Feedbo 3.39.0 on Firefox 66.0 (64 bits) / Linux
    This is caused by a recent regression bug in Firefox. See https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1535068

    We'll see if there's a way to get around this somehow but the problem is that it works fine on Windows but not on Linux or MacOS.

    Workaround: open about:config and set "ui.context_menus.after_mouseup" to true.
  • Simplemente funciona y es fácil de usar!