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  • To be able to replace the Firefox RSS / Atom build-in reader that got lost along the way, this (or another feedreader) should seamlessly synchronize the feeds between all my browsers connected to Firefox sync
  • Great add-on which can be configured in all ways I need. I especially like the rules I can define to delete articles automatically I'm not interested in.
  • I am using it comfortably from Fx64.

    I'm really happy with RSS surroundings.
    Just around the left sidebar, it seems that there is only one file D & D for sorting, but I would like this to support D & D with multiple files and hierarchical organization with directory.
    Thank you for providing a comfortable tool.

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  • Wow this feed reader is even cooler than Firefox's old one! I'm a happy person
  • Does it's job well. thought this would be less useful than it is. I am happy that this has worked out better than I'd hoped for. Easy to use and customize to my needs.
  • EDIT: It seems you're right: that particular feed has the timezone incorrectly set (or perhaps it's failing to localize the time to the timezone it has set). It would still be nice to be able to be able to see articles "from the future", even if it's just a manual option on individual feeds. I mean, the article exists, doesn't it?

    The one big annoyance with this extension is that it ignores articles from the "future", even if it's just a timezone difference. I have one feed that always updates at midnight UTC, but I don't get it in the feed until several hours later when it's midnight in my timezone. It would be nice if this "feature" could be turned off in general, or for specific feeds.
    It doesn't work like that. Timezones are taken into account in date stamps. So any article will become immediately visible regardless of timezone differences as long as the timestamp of the article is not in the future. For example if some feed contains an article timestamped to year 2124, it won't become visible before that year is actually active. It sounds like in this case the feed posts some articles so that they are datestamped to the future.

    If you want more clarity with this, please send the feed URL and your timezone info to feedbro.reader@gmail.com

    EDIT: the reason Feedbro doesn't load articles that are timestamped to the future is that it would complicate many things. For example if you have a Rule that would popup a notification when a new article arrives, should that Rule trigger when an article is loaded that is timestamped in to the future? Probably not but then when should it trigger? That would then require some background scanning process to find articles that haven't been triggered by rules but are already in the database... etc. It would complicate and slow down the code quite a bit. Unless the feed is super floody, Feedbro will eventually load the article so it shouldn't really be an issue. And this is relevant for maybe 0.001% of the feeds out there so it's an obvious WON'T FIX decision.
  • This is one of the better RSS feeders I have used. What I offer is more of a suggestion for ease of organization (for me personally), and that is some form of folder organization. I would prefer to group folders in some way, so either a color code to folders, icons for folders, or folders within folders would be helpful. However, other than this personal desire, I have no issues with this feed reader. Just wished I discovered it and began using it earlier. Thank you so much for what you are doing.
  • Feedbro looks like a great feed reader. I love the clear interface.

    What I miss:

    ->Synchronization with FirefoxSync, so that I have the same data at home and in the office.

    At the moment i try to save interesting article over the "Send to Pocket" option.

    It would be great if it automatically copy the tags into Pocket without retype it.
  • I satisfied by all features except one little misconvenience. I can't resize articles. I put 85% or 250% - this shows the same size. Why is that?
    The feed probably has markup that has hardcoded font size?
  • I have the same problem as jowwww. Everything else in ff works properly and as it should. After running the recommended tool, I agree that there is a corruption, though resetting ff and losing all addons, saved passwords, etc is extreme for one addon. Something in this addon has caused the corruption. I have the exact same problem across two computers in the same day. Both win10 and 64bit ff. I was really excited to finally find a replacement for Bamboo so I could finally update ff.

    UPDATE: Just noticed note on main page to this addon concerning update. Sadly, I understand and will try reset.

    UPDATE 2: Thank you to the developer for your response. I apologize for neglecting to read all the information you posted on the description page.
    Feedbro does not cause the corruption. IndexedDB corruption can occur when Firefox updates. The profile/IndexedDB functionality completely breaks (has nothing to do with Feedbro) since it breaks for all add-ons and websites. There are bugs about this in Bugzilla.
  • Most fantastic - thank you!