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  • Feedbro is a fantastic piece of software. I would change my rating to 5-stars if there was a setting to remove "X-Frame-Options" from web request headers. This ideally should be turned off by default. It would allow Feedbro to load feeds such as Reddit or Microsoft's .NET Core blog.
    EDIT: Feedbro 3.41.7 now supports X-Frame-Options modification so view mode 6 should work for all sites.

    Note that you have to set "Trackers" setting to "Only in Private Windows" in about:preferences#privacy if you want to load Reddit feeds. This is because Firefox has an internal "tracker list" where Reddit is blacklisted. So Firefox blocks all XMLHttpRequests to Reddit if you have Trackers setting set to Always.

    Other than that I guess your comment is valid especially for view mode 6 (embedded iframe view). Some sites send HTTP Response headers that prevent embedding their site in an iframe. We'll check if it's possible to get around this without introducing performance penalties or other side effects.
  • Very nice reader. There are a few things that are bugging me though (firefox 64.0 x32):

    I have selected for it to show only unread messages, but when I mark an entry as read, it will not disappear until I reload the feed, folder or whatever. Is that intentional?

    In the 5th view at least, clicking an article text will expand it, but clicking it again won't make it return to its original state. So depending on the feed I'm stuck with giant images. (e.g. http://www.computerbase.de/rss/news.xml)

    Also, having a way to inject custom css and js would be nice.
    1. Yes it's intentional that items marked as read aren't hidden right away. This gives the user the possibility to "undo" the mark as read operation.

    2. That's true. Note that you can collapse by pressing Enter but currently "closing by clicking" isn't supported. This is because closing isn't really needed and a careless attempt to click a hyperlink in the article could result in collapsing the article which could infuriate some users (we tested this :)).

    3. Custom CSS support would be easy to implement but the CSS hasn't been very stable (we have changed it a lot along the way) which could easily lead to breaking custom CSS configs and an avalanche of support requests and complaints. So it hasn't been implemented so far. We are open to all UI improvement ideas though.
  • This is a decent replacement for the old built-in Firefox RSS lists, but there is one major problem for me: it doesn't let me scan a lot of headlines at once, which is the main purpose of RSS.
    MOST stories are listed repeatedly 2 through 7 times, and there are 3 lines for each headline listing, so on my 17" screen laptop with standard 100% sized windows, I'm seeing only 14 headlines of which there are only 5 different ones for ABC New Top Stories. One of the three lines for each headline tells me it's from ABC News Top Stories - which it shouldn't need to do - and other is a blank line.
  • It is very bad... Lie is non-useful...
  • RSS is back :D
    There is many options but i'd like to see "mark as read when clicked" and UI translation
  • Installed to replace the gone native feedreader.
    In one word: yuck.
  • Very good. Only missing thing is full text like in Inoreader and a sidebar view like the removed Live Bookmarks of Firefox. If you add those than it would be great addon.
    Feedbro has built-in partial feed->full text feed engine. Right click the feed in the feed tree, select Properties and then experiment with the "Feed Entry Content" setting (change it + click Preview). Then Save. New articles loaded after that will use the new setting.
  • i love this! thank you so much :)
  • To be able to replace the Firefox RSS / Atom build-in reader that got lost along the way, this (or another feedreader) should seamlessly synchronize the feeds between all my browsers connected to Firefox sync
  • Great add-on which can be configured in all ways I need. I especially like the rules I can define to delete articles automatically I'm not interested in.
  • I am using it comfortably from Fx64.

    I'm really happy with RSS surroundings.
    Just around the left sidebar, it seems that there is only one file D & D for sorting, but I would like this to support D & D with multiple files and hierarchical organization with directory.
    Thank you for providing a comfortable tool.

    I wrote English sentences using machine translation. The following is Japanese original text.



  • Wow this feed reader is even cooler than Firefox's old one! I'm a happy person
  • Does it's job well. thought this would be less useful than it is. I am happy that this has worked out better than I'd hoped for. Easy to use and customize to my needs.