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  • Perfect, worked well for me!
  • Number one RSS reader for Firefox. I only suggest to add an option to disable news grouping by date
  • It will auto scan the current browser website for available rss feeds, truly simple! The power of this add-on is to combine it with Google Alerts that search the entire web on key word per topic and allow you to rss feed that return into Feedbro. Folders allow you to organize feeds into topics and freely drag them into desired order. The controls on feed age, number of entries, and the ability to store your set feeds in one backup file that can be updated and reloaded in the event of loss reset is very useful.
  • excellent RSS reader
  • Love this app - such a beautiful, functional interface. I've moved from my longtime RSS reader Liferea. As long as this app remains stable, and actively worked on, I'm here to stay. Thanks!
  • Hope have sync feature in the furture!
  • Endlich mal wieder ein vernünftiger RSS-Reader im Browser.
  • Great RSS reader. The only think I really miss is feed synchronization (via FF sync, or something like this).
  • I love it.

    I would like to be able to use a sound for notification from my computer though. The available ones are too subtle in my opinion.
  • An excellent extension that I use especially for the rules.
    The only thing that is still missing is a report or similar that tells me when it was the last time the condition of a rule was triggered, to understand when the condition is old and be able to do cleaning.
    For the rest, for me it's perfect, great job.
  • Useful, but my subscribtions and preferences are cleared about once a week. I need to check them every day.

    Edit: No, I use Ubuntu and rarely clear cookies and cache. My subscription is a special feed, maybe there are login problems causing this. But, general preferences are also cleared when the subscription is cleared.
    Do you use CCleaner or similar software?
  • It looks nice (although definitely leaves room for improvement).
    Unfortunately it doesn't sync among different instances. I think this is a major drawback.
    Hopefully it will get implemented soon
  • Very functional RSS reader extension.
    Better than stand alone RSS readers and better than most chrome RSS reader extensions.
    Proper 3 pane layout, with folder structure (many thanks to the dev for personal effort to smooth out opml import issues)
  • The extension that made RSS useful for me again.
  • Ich bin mit Feedbro sehr zufrieden. Ich verwalte über 300 Feeds, darunter Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr und Flickr sowie Audio und Video Feeds.
    Man kann Feedbro in hell und dunkel betrachten, das ist sehr praktisch. Beliebte Artikel lassen sich als Lesezeichen speichern, aber auch per Pocket und andere.

    I am very satisfied with Feedbro. I manage over 300 feeds, including Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Flickr, as well as audio and video feeds.
    Looking at Feedbro in light and dark, that's very handy. Popular articles can be saved as bookmarks, but also via Pocket and others.
  • Well done, though I'm still missing the plain interface sidebar of Sage RSS. Also missing are the options to:
    a) disable image display
    b) limit text length of snippet.