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  • I use this app lots of times every day and really love it. I was getting a bit desperate that I couldn't delete feeds and found that setting ui.context_menus.after_mouseup to TRUE fixed that. Now, my only beef is that duplicate articles are not collapsed: eg, the BBC site may have 10 articles all with the same header and it becomes distracting to page though them all (INOreader has this option). Thanks!
  • A great free offline alternative to other RSS services.
  • I was using Reeder on Mac and was looking for one that works on Windows. I tried many RSS reader apps (including online apps, Windows native apps and browser extensions). Among them Feedbro is the only one that works with all my 250+ RSS URLs with no problem.
  • this extension has great functions,but It's a disaster when indexdDB error comes to me(many times) ,even though I refreshed firefox at about:support, it still comes to me after a while(didn't update firefox),btw my firefox version is 68.0b7 (64 bit)

    I hope this extension could be stable , and if this problem can't be fixed, I only have to turn to inoreader= =
  • Must-have extension for me, thank you for making it! My only question/suggestion would be if there is a way to export/import the starred items list?
  • I had high hopes for this extension but the interface feels really clunky and unintuitive. I'm providing this feedback hoping that at least some of these points can be improved in future updates.
    - I keep expecting to be able to right click an entry in the article list to display a context menu to mark it as unread/read, mark this and all previous articles as read/unread, star, etc., but this opens it in a new tab instead and I see no way to change that functionality.
    - For some reason sometimes when trying to switch between feeds by clicking on one the first click only highlights the feed and a second click is necessary to actually switch to it, this is intermittent though. (This may have something to do with having two Feedbro tabs open and adding a new feed on one of them)
    - Selecting "Show only unread articles" doesn't refresh the list so it initially seems like it's not doing anything.
    - When changing the "Feed entry content" it's not obvious that only new articles will be effected so again, this initially appears to do nothing.
    - When using the Dark theme, if using the full article view and the page includes hard-coded dark fonts the text is almost invisible.
    - The Feedback link for the Firefox extension for some reason brings me to the Chrome Web Store instead of the Firefox Add-ons page.
    - The tooltip for marking an article as read reads "Mark this entry read/unread - Shortcut: m" but this seems to only work intermittently, if it stops working refreshing the page allows it to work again.
    - It's great that this supports keyboard shortcuts, but for some reason arrow keys aren't used. I would expect to be able to move through the list of articles with arrow keys.

    It's obviously not all negative though, I was surprised that this RSS reader supports custom rules and I love how much control this gives me to change what is displayed. The functionality to search for RSS feeds in the current page is simple but also very useful.
  • I propose to add such a function starred items cannot be deleted without confirmation. Or fasten the star-marked news. To avoid accidental deletion.
    Ah! Ok. Got it.
  • Feedbro popup doesn't follow selected theme colors...it always white...and no way to export Feedbro custom settings...please add. Thanks!!
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  • It repairs what Mozilla destroyed, build-in rss will not be forgotten.
  • Great Feed Reader

    ps. future-> auto backup .opml to Google Drive/dropbox ...!!!!
  • très commode à utiliser
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  • update!
    Thank you for considering more light themes.

    I checked the popup size again and it looks like even though the font size is changed the size of popup didn't actually change as much as I thought. Sorry for the confusion! You can change it back to previous bigger font size if you want (in fact I think I'm in favor of your bigger font change now too as it did make titles/text a lot easier to read). Ability to change font size for the popup in settings page could be a good addition. Thanks again for the splendid addon!
    Thanks for the feedback! We'll adjust the popup text sizes and are working on a new theme. Setting for the font-size is a good idea and could be implemented. Expect to see improvements also to view mode 2 very soon.

    Edit: Feedbro 3.41.2 (just released) has a new theme called "Chill". It's light but less bright than the "Light" theme.